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The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022



May 18, 2022 21 Min. Read Affiliate Marketing In this article, we’re going to give you a full rundown of where the biggest profits can be made in affiliate marketing in 2022.

We’re also going to let you know which are our most lucrative affiliate niches. So if you’ve been stuck for niche ideas, we’ve got you covered!
The Best Affiliate Marketing Niches in 2022

New and experienced affiliate marketers alike always have the same question on their minds: What are the best affiliate marketing niches this year, as well as the best affiliate marketing products.
Affiliate marketing is one of the hottest industries to get into right now.
There is just so much revenue opportunity on the table.
From fitness to finance, most affiliate niches are growing year-over-year. Plus, it isn’t an industry you even need to leave your home to get involved in. Add on top of that the fact you can create a passive income stream by simply having an online presence with just an internet connection and laptop – it’s simply a no-brainer! And the good news is, you can learn affiliate marketing for free right here on the Digistore24 Blog, as well as how to use social media for affiliate marketing like a pro, and much more.
According to Glassdoor, affiliate marketers in the US earn an average base pay of $66K per year, but the range is all the way from $35K to $125K+. Plus when you factor in that a lot of affiliate marketers work far fewer hours than typical workers because of passive income, and can work from virtually anywhere in the world, you can see it’s a very lucrative & popular industry.
How Do I Find The Best Niche For Affiliate Marketing?
The first question we need to address is what makes a niche good or bad? Of course, you can simply look at the potential revenue for a niche but there is more to running a successful affiliate marketing business than following the crowd.
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