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Republicans playing America for fools: Nazi Donald #viral#funny#cat #trending#shorts #fool #life


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Shades of Hotel California. You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave…
The Eagles are great. So is Fleetwood Mac. So is Taylor Swift. TicketMaster and LiveNation SUCK!
She’s buying a stairway to Heaven… Nah, she on that highway to Hell. Psalms How beautiful are they feet without shoes.
@NFL @NASCAR NAZI DONALD! Fuck his “unified reich!” greed corruption crime gluttony sloth envy hate hatred criminal prejudice discrimination Leviticus Revelations Genesis The Book of Job
Maybe next time he’ll think before he cheats, because the next time that he cheats it won’t be on me. Yeah, right. Keep telling yourself that, sister. He stopped loving her today. They placed a wreath upon his door and soon they’ll carry him away… Stand by your man. Keep giving all the love you can. I got friends in low places, where the whiskey runs and the beer chases, and the thunder rolls… Well, I’m proud to be an American where at least I know I’m free, and I won’t forget the ones who died to give that right to me. God bless America. It’s Independence Day! Let the caged bird sing, let freedom ring. Let the weak be strong, let the right be wrong! She lit up the sky that Fourth of July. My mama’s watching you! My coon dog died, my truck won’t start, my wife runned off with my best friend… Whoa is me. Trump Trump Orange Turd Trump. @SpeakerJohnson @RepMTG B6 @RepBoebert “handy” Oh, happy Memorial Day. Enjoy the fireworks. KKKid RocKKK is a drugged out douche. KKKiller KKKyle Rittenhouse is a piece of shit who got away with murder and has a special place in Hell waiting for his little punk ass. Tucker Carlson is Russian TRASH and a complete and utter moron. demonic unholy evil unclean abomination Bud Light Budweiser Pabst Blue Ribbon “beer” Coors Coors Light Corona Extra Winston Pall Mall Lucky Strike Marlboro Benson and Hedges Deluxe Ultra Light Menthol Kool Capri Virginia Slims Camel SNUIS Trojan Magnum Winky Dinky for Trump, Donald J6 VonShitzinpants Trump, that is.
#serialkillerdocumentary #dogs #cats #pets #diy #makemoneyonline Target and McDonald’s to slash prices after years of FUCKING us with jacked up corporate greed prices. Thanks, guys. Wednesday Addams #greysanatomy #greysanatomyedit @greysanatomyedits4184
Way down south in Dixie… Woohoo! AR-15 Remington Smith and Wesson Colt 45 Derringer
@NRA = rich fucks killing our kids for sport and profit, tax exempt. Harrison Butker, go make me a sammich, sweet cheeks. “The FBI tried to kill me!” Uhm… that’s what they do. Trash. Hannibal Lecter wasn’t a real person, ya’ll. Just saying. Hellur, Clarice! The Silence of the Lambs was a movie based on a book based on FICTION. JK Rowling is trash. Harry Potter wasn’t all that. Hogwarts. Fuck. Jason Aldean (Aldeen?) is a big ol’ closet queen. Try that in a small town, gurl.
Stars and stripes! Patriot! Gravy Seal Team Six! Amazing Grace! Freedom of Speech! Right to keep and bear arms! Right for Marge Green to bare its big, ugly, mannish arms! 1st Amendment! 2nd Amendment! The Bible is NOT the Constitution. The Bible is NOT a medical journal. Booyah!
Moscow Mitch McConnell is a p*ssy. @cyndilauper Cowboy Carter! Willie Nelson. Hank Williams Jr. fire drill melanie martinez Like Cleopatra, Joan of Arc or Aphrodite. Lauren Boebert is a low class, two dolla hookah. Colorado voters are kinda dumb. Not as dumb as Georgia voters keep sending back ol’ Marjorie Taylor bleach blonde bad built butch body Greene, but close. Jack Daniels. Jack and Coke. Coke Jr. Lonesome Dove. Gone With the Wind. Blue Bloods. Barney Miller. All in the Family. The Jeffersons. The Golden Girls. Bewitched. Bonanza. Little House on the Prairie. Leave it to Beaver. Roseanne. The Connors. AI. Microsoft. #instagram #tiktok #meta #facebook #snapchat #truthsocial #tesla go BOOM! #elonmusk is an African Nazi. Madonna. Gen Z #genz #genx #geny gen why not? Dolly Parton. Read a book! #booktok Star spangled banner and all that. Roblox. Call of Duty Modern Warfare. Madden 2000. Y2k. 1990. 80s pop. Grand Theft Auto XVIXVII. #gaming #walkthrough #streaming Left for Dead The Last of Us Valorant country @CMT classic rock muscle cars classic cruisers hot rods transmissions and all that fuel injection and something something… Load up on guns and bring your friends. It’s fun to lose and to pretend. Janie’s got a gun! Everybody run! Dog day’s just begun! Are the Jewish space lasers in your peach tree dish right now? Conspiracy theory! Leftist! Right-wing! Conservative! Moderate! Radical! BLT! #recipe Samuel Upside Down Flag Alito and Clarence Clearance Sale Thomas are traitors to the United States of America and MUST be removed from the Supreme Court of the United States. IMPEACH NOW! Elvis Jesus Kentucky Wildcats horses and all that Wimbledon Churchill Downs Busch!


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