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LIGHT DIMS Black Out Edition – Light Blocking LED Covers Routers, Electronics and Appliances and More. Blocks 100% of Light, in Retail Packaging.


Price: $10.99 - $6.99
(as of Mar 09,2023 20:45:51 UTC – Details)

Important: LightDIms Black Out Edition do not work with your TV’s remote control because they block all light. If you want to dim the light instead of blocking the light so you can use your TVs remote or continue to read the light, then search for LightDims Original Strength or LightDIms Medium Strength which are best for displays. Search for “LightDims Get all 6 Kinds” to get most of our products at once for 45% off the retail price. LightDims Black Out Edition block 100% of light. Each package comes with over a hundred shapes. LightDims BlackOut Edition themselves are dark and colorless. Note LightDims do not work well on curved or uneven surfaces. If you need to apply LightDims to a curved surface you may need to use glue in order to keep it stuck over long periods of time because the LightDim does not have enough surface area to adhere to. We also offer LightDims Black Out Edition in larger sheets that you can cut to size, search for LightDims Black Out Edition Customizable. LED lights are too bright. Lightdims are specially designed, removable covers that act like sunglasses for irritating LED’s on your electronics although this version blocks all light. LightDims are easy to use by simply peeling off and apply it to your electronics. Lightdims simple yet elegant design does not draw unwanted attention to itself allowing your electronics to remain as clean and professional looking as the day you bought it. ONLY FOR USE ON LED BASED LIGHTING! Never put LightDIms on Anything that get over 205 degrees F or 96 degrees C.
Blocks 100% of annoying bright LED lights on electronics and appliances in the home, office, or car.
Easy to use, just peel and stick. Note this product does not dim the LED it blocks it completely.
Package contains over 100 black assorted LED covers.
Does not leave any sticky residue when you remove them.
LightDims Black Out Edition allow you to get quality sleep without any LED and UV light distractions. Includes retail store packaging. Does not work with your TV’s remote control

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