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I bet you didn’t know this


42 hours spent editing a video.

Perfect cuts. Perfect transitions.

Epic memes…
(the most important part)

And it flops.

Never reaching the right eyes.

Never hitting the mark.

All that effort, all that time… for what?

For it to suck at the end.

But there is a way to fix it.

Something right under your nose.

The way is to use:


Weirdly they can be your secret weapon.

We all make assumptions. It’s hard-wired in our brains.

About how things work
About making money
About building stuff

You can tap into that.

So, here’s how to use assumptions:

1. Connect yourself with things people already have (positive) assumptions with
2. Let people transfer those (positive) assumptions to you and your brand
3. Use that positive momentum to build more fans and sell more

And you go from invisible to unmissable.

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Super-mega formal:

Jordan D Parker, just Jordan, preferably, is a software architect & team leader. He likes game design, psychology, magic, learning, and anime.
After years of lack of motivation, three failed startups, and heavy depression he nerded out on everything productivity. This made him into what he is today.
He is now dedicated to sharing what he learned and what he currently learns with everyone and getting more people to improve their lives because THEY CAN.

Note: The name Jordan D Parker is inspired by Luffy from One Piece and Peter Parker.

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Your biggest fan,


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