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✅Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/26aj2bh5

✅ Invitation code: 727863

🌀My Telegram contact – https://t.me/terryjeybackup

Agnico Eagle Mines Limited is a Canadian gold producer with operations in Canada, Finland, Australia and Mexico, with exploration and development activities extending to the United States! Currently the world’s largest gold investment company! Invest online! 100% profit never fail platform!

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24-hour consultation: https://t.me/Agnico_Eagle_98

Channel: https://t.me/Agnico_Eagle_VIP

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Members use TRC20(USDT or TRX) assets to store value. After the value is deposited, the funds will be transferred to the account within 1 to 2 minutes.

● ● ●

The official customer service is online 24 hours a day. Withdraw money at any time without any fees. After a successful withdrawal, the funds will reach your withdrawal account within 1 to 2 minutes.

● ● ●

The amount of money required to unlock each VIP is different, and the benefits of each investment are also different, as follows:

VIP1 quota is 10USDT, daily income is 7USDT

VIP2 Quota 35USDT, Daily Revenue 25USDT

VIP3 quota is 100USDT, daily income is 70USDT

VIP4 quota is 220USDT, daily income is 150USDT

VIP5 quota is 500USDT, daily income is 360USDT

VIP6 quota is 1000USDT, daily income is 720USDT

VIP7 quota 2000USDT, daily income 1500USDT

VIP8 quota is 5000USDT, daily income is 3600USDT

VIP9 quota is 8000USDT, daily income is 6000USDT

VIP10 quota 20000USDT, daily income 15000USDT

VIP11 quota is 50000USDT, daily income is 36000USDT

● ● ●

This platform has set up promotional subordinate rewards:

Class A 13% rebate, stored value 1,000 USDT to 130 USDT.

Class B 3% rebate, stored value 1,000 USDT to 30 USDT.

Class C 1% rebate, stored value 1,000 USDT to 10 USDT.

If the promotion is successful, the commission will be transferred to your account immediately and can be withdrawn immediately!

● ● ●

Free VIP status:

Invite 5 A- level VIP 1, you can get VIP 1 for free.

Invite 3 A- level VIP 2, you can get VIP 2 for free.

Invite 2 Class A VIP 3, you can get VIP 3 for free.

Members please use their respective abilities to promote on the social media platform, and invite your friends to participate. The more people you promote, the more lucrative your rewards will be!

✅Telegram Channel – https://t.me/terryjeychannel

🌀 Telegram chat – https://t.me/terryjeybackup

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