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Facebook Marketplace + Ebay dropshipping mastery course


E commerce Business Ebay Dropshipping Course👉 https://wealthycollegekid.com

 Here’s a full interview with Christianna Hurt at @Wealthycollegekid and earn money online as an ecommerce ebay dropshipping pro. @ChristiannaHurt1


In this interview, Antijob University introduces Christianna Hurt, the founder of Wealthy College Kid, an e-commerce education platform. They discuss the importance of assets and people in making money, the pivotal moment that inspired Christianna to create Wealthy College Kid, and what sets her platform apart from others. They also talk about the core principles of the dropshipping mastery course, the major platforms for dropshipping, and the potential of Facebook Marketplace for e-commerce. Christianna shares success stories and testimonials from her students and emphasizes the importance of taking action and overcoming fear. They discuss the challenges that students may face and the ongoing support provided by Wealthy College Kid. Finally, they talk about staying ahead of the curve, future plans for the platform, and the importance of surrounding yourself with winners.


Assets and people are crucial for making money and achieving success in e-commerce.
Taking action and overcoming fear are essential for success in entrepreneurship.
Simplifying e-commerce and providing transparent and duplicable success strategies can help others achieve financial freedom.
Surrounding yourself with winners and continuously learning are key to staying ahead of the curve in the e-commerce industry.


00:00 Introduction and Excitement
01:07 Introduction of Christianna Hurt
01:29 The Importance of Assets and People
02:05 Pivotal Moment that Inspired Wealthy College Kid
03:08 The Need for Authenticity in the Online Space
04:04 What Sets Wealthy College Kid Apart
04:45 Bringing People Along and Changing Lives
05:15 The Importance of Authenticity and Action
06:51 The Core Principles of Dropshipping Mastery Course
07:41 Platforms for Dropshipping
09:20 Facebook Marketplace and eBay for Dropshipping
10:37 Unlocking the Potential of Facebook Marketplace
11:29 The Importance of Simplifying E-commerce
12:49 The eBay Course as a Fan Favorite
13:51 Success Stories and Testimonials
15:28 Taking Action and Overcoming Fear
17:26 Procrastination and Fear of Failure
18:24 Making Decisions and Surrounding Yourself with Winners
19:20 Making E-commerce Simple for Beginners
20:30 Supporting College Education and Ownership
22:36 Formulas for Success and Following Laws
25:10 Realistic Earnings and Learning a Skill Set
26:26 Ongoing Support and Community
28:35 Staying Ahead of the Curve and Continuous Learning
29:37 Overcoming Hesitation and Taking Action
30:57 Challenges in E-commerce and Self-Doubt
33:37 Future Plans for Wealthy College Kid
35:29 Recommended Course and Where to Follow Christianna
36:19 Encouragement to Take Action

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