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Golan Recognition by U.S. Sets Precedent for Annexation, Netanyahu Says

JERUSALEM — President Trump’s recognition of Israeli authority over the Golan Heights established a precedent allowing the annexation of territory captured in a...

Lesson-9: Affiliate Marketing (How i make $3-10k/month)

Complete Playlist of Digital marketing course (20 FREE lessons): https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLifnQOsGyOSRMYndHku6pNlLYckbBuOGU Check my Monthly income reports and get inspired: https://ankuraggarwal.in/category/income-report/ Lesson-1: Introduction to Digital Marketing : https://youtu.be/wfOp0lsCXAY Who...

‘We’d Had a Few Drinks,’ Australian Party Official Says About Gun Lobby Tape

It was the liquor talking, apparently.Two officials from an anti-immigrant political party in Australia said on Tuesday that an undercover recording of them...