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— Yes this is a genuine advertisement, and also of course I utilized the images everybody has actually seen from my web site and also shared. The last image on this advertisement hasn’t been uploaded anywhere and also reveals the lift I keep it on. I take it down when and also a while and also run it. Once again, this is a genuine advertisement for the globe renowned jet powered Beetle.

Street-Legal Jet Powered Volkswagen Beetle $550 k. Why on Craiglist? Why not? Why a jet Beetle?

I assume it might be time to allow go of my fire tossing, running and also driving jet auto. Enrollment as much as day. The auto has 2 engines: the manufacturing fuel engine in the front, driving the front wheels, and also the jet engine in the back. The concept is that you drive about lawfully on the fuel engine after that, when you intend to have some enjoyable, rotate up the jet and also jump on the heater (you can begin the jet while driving along on the fuel engine). I developed the auto since I desired the wildest street-legal flight feasible. I had the ability to utilize some things I found out while obtaining my elegant design level with this job (I have a PhD in Mechanical Design from Stanford College). It was wonderful to create this street-legal jet auto without diversions from other individuals’s tasks, exclusively since no person has actually done it in the past. I have no concept just how quickly the auto will certainly go, and also possibly never ever will. I developed the auto in order to delight me, not eliminate me. That stated, I do appreciate the periodic blast down the freeway.

I selected the Beetle since it looks awesome with the jet and also it reveals it off well. Bear in mind the Hurst wheelstanding Barracuda “Hemi Under Glass”? Well, this is “Jet Under Glass”. Air for the jet goes into the auto via both side home windows and also the sunroof. It can be a little gusty inside with the jet engine running however excusable. I developed the auto to appear like VW supplied it by doing this. It drives like a supply Beetle and also is risk-free. The action to driving it on the road and also mosting likely to the racer programs (San Francisco Personalized Vehicle Program, Grand National Roadster Program in Pomona, and also the Detroit Autorama) has actually been amazing. This auto brings in groups far better than any type of “program” auto. The auto has actually additionally gotten on TELEVISION across the country.

The rear of the scale panel is open to include in the geeky appearance. There are 3 assesses for the jet: %RPM, Oil Stress, and also Wind Turbine Inlet Temperature Level. One of the most essential is generator inlet temperature level. If you surpass regarding 650 levels C for long, you harm the engine. This is crucial on startup. You do not desire a “hot-start”. The throttle for the jet engine lies beside the equipment selector. It is a bar and also has 3 switches: Cool, Big-Fire, and also Afterburner. “Amazing” leans out the engine and also is utilized to decrease the generator inlet temperature level if you obtain a hot-start. To light big-fire or the afterburner, you hold a switch down and also 1/2 2nd later on, press the hot-streak switch on the flooring. After that points take place! Notification the kerosene degree scale before the equipment selector (jet gas is mainly kerosene).

There is a whole lot taking place in the back. The focus to information in this auto approach compulsive. Keep in mind the light weight aluminum block holding/protecting the halon gas line, draw line, harness to engine, and also oil stress line. Rectangle-shaped container under inlet display is for numerous gas drains pipes. Keep in mind temperature level scale and also shutoff valve for completely dry sump container. 3 gallons of generator oil at $25/ quart (oops!). The manufacturing hatch launch on the vehicle driver’s door currently turns on 2 locks (one on each side) and also the hatch stands out open much like VW planned. The “hatch not shut” cautioning light is practical too.

The engine is a General Electric Version T58 -8 F with some inner adjustments and also a personalized tailpipe. The 300 pound. engine rotates as much as 26,000 RPM (still is 13,000 RPM), attracts air at 11,000 CFM, and also is ranked at 1350 hp. The framework holding the engine was made utilizing limited component evaluation and also is repetitive. Solid, damages forgiving, and also light. The pressure from the jet is used utilizing sandwich plates bolted to contoured light weight aluminum billets placed right into the structure rails. The engine has inflexible places with rubber bushings in the front and also the back are moving. It expands as it heats up so the engine places need to represent this. The inside was ended up in the initial shade with two-stage PPG paint. A warmth covering maintains the plastic bumper from melting when the jet is running.

The Kerosene is saved in a personalized 14 gallon, frustrated, foam-filled Kevlar gas cell in the extra tire well. The container has 2 electrical outlets in the back: a -12 on the left side and also a -10 on the right. The -10 mosts likely to a shutoff, after that a Barry Give pump (among minority racer components on the auto), after that up right into the auto where it sees a filter, a regulatory authority, and also an electric shutoff valve prior to feeding the engine. The -12 enters into a shutoff after that a personalized, 1.5 hp 11,000 rpm 24 V electrical magnesium, pump. The pump can keep 100 psi at 550 gph. From the pump it enters into the auto to a filter, after that a big regulatory authority, and afterwards to the afterburner solenoid and also the big-fire solenoid (to left of pump and also feeding base of tailpipe via orange protected pipe).

All circuits feeding solenoids and also pumps have integrates, communicates, kick-back diodes to decrease call arcing, secured adapters, and also utilize vehicle cables of a scale providing an optimum of 1V decline over the circuit loophole. The system makes use of a 2nd battery and also fuse/relay panel, halon fire system and also 5 gallon completely dry sump container. A 24 V starter electric motor remains in the nose of the engine. 700 A of existing enters into that electric motor for 20 secs throughout startup. Warmth restrictions begins to 3 in one hr. Last but not least, the display is to prevent FOD (international item damages) however the jet still maintains drawing the climbed out of the bud flower holder!

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