Trudeau Tries to Change Conversation From Blackface. It Doesn’t Quite Work.


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OTTAWA — Two days after the re-election campaign of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was upended by the disclosure of old photographs and a video of him in blackface and brownface makeup, he tried to change the conversation, announcing a ban on military-style rifles in Canada.

It didn’t quite work.

At the announcement, in Toronto, the prime minister was asked about a report in La Presse, the Montreal newspaper, that campaign officials expected more embarrassing images would surface.

“I have nothing to confirm on that,” Mr. Trudeau told reporters.

On Wednesday, Mr. Trudeau confirmed reports that in 2001, when he was a teacher at a school in Vancouver, British Columbia, he had appeared at a costume party wearing brownface makeup. He said he had also worn blackface at a high school musical performance.

On Thursday morning he confirmed a third instance, when he appeared in a video wearing blackface and an Afro wig, waving his arms and sticking his tongue out.

Mr. Trudeau, who has sought to cast himself as a progressive defender of racial justice and minority rights, has repeatedly apologized since the disclosures came out.

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