TV Ears Replacement Tips – Gold Snap on 40707 10 pack – Version 2.3/3.0

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Providing exceptional comfort, clarity, and cleanliness, this tip was originally developed for use by the U.S. Military, and now provides TV Ears users the same exceptional sound clarifying technology. “TV Ears Tips feature patented Comply Foam Snap Tips.” Within a few minutes after placement in the ear, the tip, warmed by the ear’s heat, will conform to the inside of the ear. This provides a seal that reduces outside noises while creating an acoustically sealed chamber for TV Ears to reproduce extremely natural sound and, in particular, voices and dialog.Compatible with the TV Ears 2.3, 3.0, and Professional Headsets
10 Pack allows you to change tips every 30 to 60 days
Exceptional comfort clarity and cleanliness
Originally developed for use by the U.S. Military



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