One Killed as Typhoon Faxai Batters Tokyo

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A record-setting typhoon made landfall east of Tokyo on Monday, killing a woman who was toppled by a wind gust, injuring dozens and throttling transportation systems in an area that is not often struck by such intense storms.

Typhoon Faxai arrived in the city of Chiba, Japan, around 5 a.m., knocking out power for more than 900,000 people across the region, according to the Tokyo Electric Power Company. At Haneda Airport, one of Tokyo’s main hubs, winds reached a record 129 miles per hour, according to the Japan Meteorological Agency.

The police in Tokyo said a woman in her 50s was killed after wind swept her into a wall in the city’s Setagaya ward, according to Kyodo News. About 40 others were injured, the police said.

A handful of typhoons hit Japan each year, but the storms do not often make their way as far north as Tokyo. It was just the ninth time a typhoon made landfall in Chiba Prefecture since Japan began maintaining records, and the first since 2016, according to Kyodo News.

Hundreds of thousands of people were given noncompulsory evacuation warnings ahead of the storm. Rail lines suspended service and more than 160 flights were canceled.

By midday Monday the storm had passed through the Tokyo area, heading out toward the northeast and the sea.

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