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1,628 People Say They Are Experiencing Relief From Their Panic And Anxiety Symptoms Already…

Including 27-year-old Shanaya Gujarat, who, after a violent attack by an ex-boyfriend, couldn’t get her hands to stop shaking.  After a few months of my treatment she experienced relief – her hands were still for the first time in over a year…*

37-year-old Anushka Bengali, had social anxiety that was so bad she could only see or speak with one close friend. After my treatment, she was freed from her social prison and opened up for the first time in over 3 years…*

And 23-year-old Meera Punjab, who couldn’t sleep at night because she was afraid someone was going to break in and do horrible things to her and her family. After my treatment, she enjoyed her first full night’s sleep in years!*

Now, on this page, I’m going to show you exactly how these women – and over a thousand more – overcame their panic and anxiety.  And how you can too – using my treatment methods – in the privacy and security of your home.

It’s happening again.  You feel a flash of hot adrenaline.  Your mind races from one thought to the next without focus.  Your throat tightens  –  each breath becomes more difficult.  As you realize what is happening, it only gets worse.

Now your heart is pounding.  It feels like you’re having a heart attack.  You wonder if this time you really are having a heart attack.  You’re sweating and your hands are shaking.

As you look around for a way to escape you feel sick – like you may vomit or faint.  And you ask yourself… “Is anyone watching?  Will they think I’m going crazy?  Please, please…

Make This Stop and Get Me Out of Here!

…You don’t have to suffer from debilitating anxiety or social anxiety anymore? No more hyperventilating, choking or chest pain like you’re used to now. No more agoraphobia or depression. No more worrying about cold sweats, nausea, diarrhea, or fear that you are about to faint.  And…

It doesn’t matter how bad your anxiety is right now. Whether you’re afraid of getting in a crowded elevator, stressed about being stuck in traffic, or anxious about meeting people – or even leaving your bedroom — I want you to know… you don’t have to be scared any more.  And you no longer have to live life as a prisoner.

You can finally be free of your secret double life – the one where you pretend things are okay when… on the inside… you feel like you’re about to fall apart.

You don’t have to second-guess or embarrass yourself, wondering if you’re having a heart attack or, as you know other people say… “it’s just an anxiety attack”.  And you don’t have to feel totally alone trying to explain your situation to friends and family who mean well but just don’t get it.

If you’re like many people who suffer anxiety and panic attacks, you probably think you’re going crazy.  Well let me assure you, you are not going crazy.  And it’s not your fault.

Sure, you have an anxiety problem that needs correcting.  But this is not a mental problem. It’s simply a subconscious response that, until now, has been out of your control.  And even if you have been struggling with anxiety for a long time, you will get better.  In fact, it’s possible you can start feeling better right after treatment.

Please hear these words:  The happy, positive, loving person you were afraid was gone – destroyed by anxiety — is still alive inside you.  And in the next few minutes I want to help you find her… and set her free.

On this page I’m going to show you a way to virtually eliminate anxiety and panic from your life. Not how to just cope with anxiety, but how to overcome it… for good, without medications, expensive therapy, or complicated techniques.

My name is Yuri Zolov. I know, it sounds like a strange name. I’m from Estonia, a small country in the Baltic region of Northern Europe. Estonia is famous for having one of the best education systems in the world, for having the highest rate of Internet connections in the world, and for being home to the inventors of Skype. As you keep reading, I promise to give you the answer you’ve been looking for: a way to completely overcome anxiety and free yourself from panic.

But first I have a personal confession.  And here it is…

Some shocking information my peers in the field of
Psychotherapy don’t want you to know…

You see, I graduated with a degree in psychotherapy from the Tallinn University back in 2004. I established a practice and started treating patients right away.  My practice grew quickly and from the outside I looked successful.  But I couldn’t shake this nagging thought: I wondered if I was really helping my patients.

I was proud to graduate at the top of my class.  So, from an academic point of view, I was highly qualified in the area of psychology and counselling. But, if I was honest with myself, I didn’t see much improvement in the lives of my patients.

Instead, I felt that they were becoming…

Now that’s a controversial thing to say, because most psychotherapists make money treating patients for the long term – often 5-6 years.  And at the time, that’s how I was making money.

But that’s not why I first decided to become a psychologist.  I wanted very deeply to help people.  And so I searched for an answer – a treatment that would give my patients real hope and real solutions, eliminating the need for them to see me over and over again.

That’s when I discovered a 72-year-old Russian psychiatrist by the name of Professor Vladimir Raikov.

He was a natural when it came to uncovering people’s hidden potential. He could take a man, who had very basic abilities on the piano and after just one session, that man could play advanced pieces by composers like Rachmaninoff.  Others could paint like Rembrandt, do complex math and create beautiful poetry, almost without previous experience.

And more importantly, Raikov was getting amazing results helping his patients overcome all types of anxiety and panic struggles.  And the results were almost immediate – with no need for long periods of treatment.

I was so impressed with his methods and the incredible results his patients were getting that I closed my practice and moved to Russia so I could train with Professor Raikov.  Over the next two years I studied and perfected ‘his method’ of successfully treating anxiety, until I could also help any patient overcome anxiety or panic attacks.

I then moved to London and started a practice near Golders Hill Park – it’s just next to Hampstead Heath.  I extended Professor Raikov’s unique process to get even better results with my own patients.

Now, you’re probably wondering what makes this treatment different. Is it some kind of wacky therapy? Not at all. There are no strange or difficult exercises. It does not involve any form of medication. And you don’t have to learn any new techniques.

Yet my treatment can produce improvement in just one session… and almost total freedom from anxiety and panic in just a few short sessions.

Let me be clear: This is not merely a way to cope with anxiety. It’s a way to overcome and virtually eliminate harmful anxiety from your life – forever.

… you don’t have to constantly be afraid of having another panic anymore.

No more looking for exits or bathrooms whenever you are in a crowded place.  No more making up excuses about why you can’t go out.  No more putting off holiday or travel plans.  And no more living like a prisoner – trapped by anxiety.

So, how does this treatment work?  And why is it so effective?

It starts by understanding that…

You’ve heard of the conscious and subconscious mind, right?  Well, certain things we do are the result of a conscious choice.  Other things are the result of a subconscious response.

For example, if you want to whistle, you would purse your lips and blow gently.  Whistling is the result of a conscious choice.

But many other things we do happen automatically.  They are the result of a subconscious response.  For example, when you feel relaxed, your breathing and heart rate automatically slow down.  You don’t decide to slow your heart: it happens as a subconscious response.

Amazingly, most of our body’s activity is subconscious.  Think about it: We breathe automatically — even when we are asleep.  Our heart pumps blood from our head to our toes without our having to think about it.  When we get hot, we don’t have to decide to sweat: it just happens.   Most our bodies’ activities are subconscious – they just happen.

What does that have to do with anxiety and panic attacks?  As strange as it sounds, just like breathing, anxiety is triggered by your subconscious.  That’s why it’s impossible to overcome anxiety consciously.

People who don’t suffer with panic and anxiety just can’t understand…

That’s why they tell you things like… “just relax” or “breathe slowly” or “try to think happy thoughts”. But you know that doesn’t work.

Because the truth is that, trying to overcome anxiety consciously, by simply “thinking good thoughts”, is practically impossible.

Most people also don’t understand that not only is anxiety triggered subconsciously, it’s triggered by the same mechanism that protects you when you are in danger.

You may know it as your “survival mechanism” or “fight or flight” response. When it senses danger, it makes your heart beat faster, flooding your system with adrenaline, and causing your body to go into a state of high alert – and all this happens automatically. It’s a very normal “fight or flight” response.

The problem is that, sometimes your “survival mechanism” gets out of balance.

It becomes hypersensitive to programming in your subconscious. And it goes into over-protection mode – even when there is no danger.

What does this look like in your life? It often looks exactly the same as someone who is in real danger. Adrenalin shoots throughout your body. Your mind starts racing – you can’t focus. Your heart beats quickly — the pounding can feel like a heart attack. Everything gets tight – your chest, your throat. You struggle to breathe. You start to shake and tingle all over. You sweat. You may feel sick or faint. And you may even spiral into a full-on panic attack.

But as I said before, this is a very normal “fight or flight” response. It’s just that your survival mechanism is kicking into high gear when it doesn’t need to.

So, what triggers this? It can be something as simple as riding in an elevator. Or being surrounded by traffic on a busy road. Unfamiliar places or experiences can trigger an attack – like meeting new people. It’s often caused by a feeling that you are not in total control of what is going on around you. And the most common trigger of all is the concern of anxiety itself…

The Fear of Having Another Attack

The good news is that, it is now possible for you to reprogram your subconscious, or recalibrate your “survival mechanism”— and virtually eliminate panic attacks and anxiety from your life.

I’m not talking about masking the symptoms with medication so you can cope with anxiety. And I’m not talking about learning a set of mental techniques to ease a panic attack.

There is now a way to reprogram your subconscious so you…

Free Yourself From Anxiety or Panic Attacks – Today

So how does this work? How can you reprogram your subconscious and bring your “survival mechanism” back into balance?

That’s where “Freedom Over Panic” comes in. Unlike other programs that give you complicated exercises and force you to learn new skills “Freedom Over Panic” does all the work for you. And unlike medications that dull the symptoms — along with your overall alertness — “Freedom Over Panic” prevents anxiety from even starting.

Remember, anxiety is not a conscious action – it’s not a choice. It’s a subconscious response to a  trigger. To stop it you need to make changes on a subconscious level.

Through subconscious reprogramming you can adjust your anxiety sensitivity so your body simply no longer responds unless there really is danger.

I know that all sounds a bit “woo woo”.

But don’t worry — it has absolutely nothing to do with any type of “new age” or alternative philosophies.  It does not involve any complicated techniques.  And you don’t have to read any books complete any challenging exercises or relieve any horrible memories from your past.

And I’ve personally proven it hundreds of times with my own patients. All you have to do is…

That’s right. During each treatment session – or “mental operation” as I call them — your imagination will wander, and your subconscious will automatically be reprogrammed. You don’t have to do anything consciously. Each session will allow your subconscious to pinpoint a switch and make the necessary adjustment.

It’s a bit like dreaming.  And even if you can’t remember your dreams, we all dream – at night… and we “day-dream” during the day.  Our minds are constantly active with both words and pictures.  “Freedom Over Panic” provides a way to make these dreams purposeful – giving your mind an organized track to run on so it’s not constantly searching for problems that will never happen.

It’s a bit like getting your car serviced.  The mechanic hooks your car up to the service computer.  In just a few short minutes, everything in your car is recalibrated to run at maximum efficiency again.  Everything becomes smooth and balanced.

Each “mental operation”  in “Freedom Over Panic” gently dials down your survival mechanism and helps you to perceive the world as it actually is. This allows your subconscious to remain alert without being hypersensitive. In other words, your “survival mechanism” will be balanced – it will be alert without causing unnecessary alarm and panic.

Once again, you don’t need to do anything. Don’t worry about having to think happy thoughts or find a happy place. There’s no need to try to focus on anything or remember anything. Just let your mind wander and enjoy a deep sense of peace and relaxation as your subconscious triggers come back into balance.

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. There are so many “pretend” cures on the internet. Programs that make all sorts of outlandish promises. I’m sure you’ve seen them. And probably tried some and been disappointed they didn’t work.

Before you try “Freedom Over Panic” for yourself, perhaps you’d like to hear Anushka’s story …

I first met 37-year-old Anushka when her friend literally brought her by the hand to my office for an appointment. I asked Anushka about her concern, and her friend started to answer. I politely interrupted and asked if Anushka could tell me in her words. Anushka suddenly started to blush. She looked away and began to fidget. I waited a few seconds but Anushka did not speak. Instead she became agitated. I realised she was having an anxiety attack right there in front of me.

Without even telling her what I was doing, I began working with her straight away. I asked her to sit and began some low-level conversational treatment. Her posture started to soften. After 20 minutes she was completely relaxed and engaging in the session. Every few minutes I reassured her. “You’re doing well”. After 2 hours she suddenly became alert and told me her whole story.

Her trouble started when she moved from Lithuania to London. Language difficulties caused her to withdraw. As time went by, this worsened to the point where she could no longer socialise with anyone. She moved back to Lithuania where she could speak her native language and expected things to get better. They didn’t. She moved back to London and got a job as a cleaner so she didn’t have to interact with anyone. Apart from one friend, Anushka lived alone and trapped inside a world of fear.

It happened right before  our fourth session. Upon entering my building I noticed Anushka was in the nail salon getting a manicure while she waited for me to arrive. She was chatting away with everybody in the room, being the center of everyone’s attention. Soon after that she got a new job as an office manager. Not only was she now comfortable interacting with people, she was training and managing an entire team.*

Let me also tell you Shanaya’s shocking story. Her boyfriend attacked her with a knife in a hotel room, high on drugs.  He wounded her badly, but she managed to call the police, so he went to jail for his crime.  Shanaya was left not only with terrible scars, but with devastating psychological after-effects.  Even though a whole three years had passed, she couldn’t stop her hands from shaking, even on medication.  It was as if she had just been attacked – minutes ago.

She also developed a terrible stutter which caused her to totally withdraw.

After just one session, Shanaya’s hands stopped shaking for the first time in a year.  I kept working with her, and after 3 more sessions, she was finally able to feel blissful relief from her fear and anxiety.  The last I heard she was still free from anxiety, off all medication and happily married.*

I could literally tell you hundreds of stories like this.  Perhaps just one more…

Meera was 23. She couldn’t sleep at night. She would lay awake, afraid someone was breaking into her home. Her imagination ran wild with the most horrible stories. Only for her, it wasn’t in her imagination – it seemed real. After hours of torment and terror her body would be so exhausted she would fall asleep. But by this time it was nearly morning and after sleeping for 2 hours or less she would have to get ready for work.

She went on like this for 3 impossible years.

Although her sleeping improved immediately, Meera was not cured after her first session. It took four sessions before she enjoyed a full night’s sleep. And several more sessions before she was sleeping through night after night. But after not sleeping for more than 3 years, you can imagine how much her life improved.*

Your life can improve like this too. You can enjoy total freedom over panic and start living again. Say “yes” to social invitations and enjoy meeting new people. Dust your dreams off – travel, shop, even dance again.

Take control of your career. Relish relationships. And welcome new experiences with confidence. This is who you are inside. And who you can be again.

You don’t have to live each moment worrying about having another attack – avoiding things like elevators and public transport – always looking for exits and bathrooms.

You don’t have to struggle alone any more – trying to look “normal” on the outside while battling the voices in your head — afraid that your façade will crumble, your secret will be exposed, and everyone will think you’re crazy.

You don’t have to feel trapped any more. You can stop panic now. I’ve proven it hundreds of times with my patients over the past 7 years.

For so long I’ve dreamed of helping more people than I could one-on-one. That’s why I developed “Freedom Over Panic”. Now you can have access to the same sessions I use successfully with private patients. Listen online anytime, from the privacy and security of your home.

I urge you to experience the relief for yourself.  Go ahead and click the green button that says “Add To Cart”.

Remember, these are the same treatment sessions I conduct in person with private clients at 33700 INR a session.  If you go to a therapist in your hometown, you’ll probably pay at least 10100 INR per session. And they will make you attend at least 12 sessions with them if you want to get any kind of results.

However, as part of your Freedom Over Panic’ membership you have lifetime access to all 12 sessions for the introductory price of just 1500 INR (the equivalent saving of 400500 INR on my services, or 121500 INR with your local therapist).

That’s right, you will get all 12 sessions pre-recorded for a very low price of 1500 INR. Why such a low price? It’s simple. Online access allow me to serve you, without paying for office space, secretarial services, etc and I want to help as many people as possible.

And although it is possible to get relief from your anxiety in just one session, I want to make absolutely sure that you not only feel relief, but get rid of your panic and anxiety for good.

That’s why there are 12 whole sessions to make 1200% sure you get rid of panic attack and anxiety virtually forever.

I’ve seen this process transform the lives of hundreds of patients. But I don’t want you to second-guess your decision to get started now because you’re worried it won’t work for you – even though the price is just 1500 INR.

So let me help you by taking all the risk.

If you don’t get all the results you are looking for within 60 days, I want you to contact me through my personal email (provided with your membership) and ask for your money back. Without any questions you’ll receive a prompt refund.

I want you to feel totally comfortable to give this a try without any risk. If you listen to the sessions, I know you’ll get results. But from past experience I’ve found that 5% of people who join never seem to find the time to even listen to the sessions. Sadly I can’t help those people. So, not matter what the reason, if you ask for a refund within 60 days using my private email, you will get it in full in 48 hours or less

So go ahead and click the green ‘Add To Cart’ button and get started now.

Just a quick word of encouragement and a warning:  Congratulations for looking for a solution to your anxiety challenges.  I’m sure you know from your own experience, anxiety does not get better by itself.

Remember, you cannot fight anxiety consciously.

Anxiety is not a disease or mental problem. It’s a response to hypersensitive subconscious triggers.

Trying to ‘shake it off’ or ‘think happy thoughts’ doesn’t work. But as soon as you recalibrate these triggers, you can have total freedom over panic.

That’s why I urge you to click the green ‘Add To Cart’ button and get ‘Freedom Over Panic’ now.

And because you’re joining right now, I want to give you 3 special bonus sessions to help you achieve freedom from 3 specific panic struggles – agoraphobia, OCD, and social anxiety.

Remember, you can experience immediate results from just one session included in your ‘Freedom Over Panic’ membership.  But some patients enjoy the compound effect of repeated sessions that are focussed on their particular concern.  So because I know you are serious about getting better, I want to give you these extra sessions to make double sure you get the solution you are looking for.

Bonus #1:  Agoraphobia Cure

The ‘mental operation’ in this session helps you create a very strong, positive emotion that literally melts your feelings of fear.  By combining all your senses to create this emotion your phobia loses its power and you will finally have true freedom over agoraphobia.

Bonus #2:  Total OCD Eraser

I see OCD as an unconscious attempt to manage feelings of fear, anxiety, and panic through external rituals. These rituals (like checking to make sure the fridge door is closed again and again) provide a short term positive feeling. In order to maintain the positive feeling the ritual needs to be repeated over and over again.  In this session, you will create a feeling of internal peace to give yourself the same positive feeling, making external rituals unnecessary.  You will no longer need to do anything to alleviate your fear or achieve a positive state – your sense of comfort and wellness will radiate from within.

Bonus #3:  Social Anxiety Eliminator

People who suffer social anxiety over-prepare themselves for situations that (mostly) never happen.  They live with a constant concern about what others may think about them.  And how others may hurt them or cause them to feel bad.  (“What if they don’t like me / what if I embarrass myself?)  Everything will be turned upside down during this session.  Rather than feeling afraid of other people, you will see that other people are actually a little intimidated and afraid of you.  You’ll suddenly have a powerful sense of confidence that will cancel your fear and allow you to thrive in social settings. For people who suffer social anxiety, this session is truly life-transforming.

Like each of the 12 sessions in your ‘Freedom Over Panic’ membership, these bonuses are real treatment sessions – with a total value equivalent to 135000 INR. But they are only available for people who take action by joining today.

So go ahead and click the green ‘Add To Cart’ button and get ‘Freedom Over Panic’ now along with these 3 limited time bonuses.  It’s just a one-time, risk-free payment of 1500 INR.

Thank you for reading this page and the stories of my patients who now enjoy total freedom over panic.  I look forward to helping you and hearing your amazing story soon.

Click the ‘Add To Cart’ button now and let’s get started together.

What are the most Frequently Asked Questions about FreedomOverPanic?

Q: I’ve tried almost everything, why should I believe this will work?

A: I understand you may be sceptical.  And the last thing you want is another disappointment.  But this program is based on science and real clinical studies.  More than 1628 people all around the world have tried it with success.  And it’s real treatment – the same sessions I use every day with my private patients.  I’m confident you’ll get the results you are hoping for.  I look forward to helping you finally conquer panic and anxiety.

Q: Okay, so it’s worked for others, but that doesn’t mean I’ll be able to make it work for me.

A: That’s a good point. But thankfully, you don’t have to ‘make’ it work. There are no new skills to learn or techniques to apply. The sessions will do all the work for you. They will reprogram your sub-conscious and recalibrate the sensitivity of the systems that are designed to protect you. All you have to do is say ‘yes’ and be open to allowing the sessions to do the work for you.

Q: I’ve bought other programs and I’m tired of spending money on so-called solutions. What makes this different?

A: You are right — there are lots of books courses and programs out there – all claiming to ‘change your life forever’. I’ve bought most and although they are very expensive they are often the same information just with slightly different language. They tell you to do all these complicated exercises dig up painful memories from your past and learn a whole list of new skills.

‘Freedom Over Panic’ is different. Firstly it is not information – it’s actual treatment sessions – the same sessions I use with my private patients. Secondly there are no complicated exercises to complete. You simply sit back and listen to the sessions and let them do the work for you. And thirdly you don’t have to troll through your dim dark past and relive painful experiences. Your future is bright and that’s what we’ll be focussing on in the sessions.

Q: I think I’ll try private counselling instead.

A: That’s a great choice for some people. That’s why we offer it as an option with your ‘Freedom Over Panic’ membership. Our private sessions are with approved counsellors and at a greatly reduced rate. ‘Freedom Over Panic’ gives you the best of both worlds – real online treatment sessions you can do in the privacy and security of your own home… and access to one-on-one sessions with approved counsellors in your area at reduced prices.

Q: I’m not very good at following through with exercises and activities. I’m not sure I’m ready for this.

A: That’s great because there are no exercises to do. All you have to do is listen to the treatment sessions and allow your sub-conscious to be recalibrated. You don’t even have to concentrate. In fact many people get better results when they simply allow themselves to drift off to sleep during the sessions.

Q: What if I don’t like it – can I get my money back?

A: Yes – you are fully covered by our risk-free 60 day guarantee – your money will be refunded with no questions. But I urge you not to focus on that right now. Just open yourself up to the possibility this might be the solution you’re looking for. Try the first few sessions and give yourself a chance to feel better. I think you’ll be amazed at how quickly you overcome anxiety and panic in your life. But of course, if you are disappointed in any way, you are fully covered by my guarantee.

Q: This looks like a great program but my situation is unique and complicated — will this work for me?

A: Without talking with you personally I naturally can’t know your particular concern or make promises of specific results. But I generally find people with complicated struggles often experience anxiety more vividly. Although this may appear to be negative, it usually means they are more responsive to subconscious reprogramming and experience even faster results. I’m not sure if that’s what you will experience. But can I simply suggest this: Go ahead and try the first session. Don’t worry about trying to ‘make it work for you’ – just open your mind to the possibility that it will work. If like more than 95% of my patients you experience significant benefits send me an email so I can share your story of hope with others who are suffering. But if you don’t feel the sessions have worked I will refund your membership fee immediately.

* Disclaimer: The testimonials provided on this website are provided by our clients and are accurate to our knowledge, however the names and photos are changed to keep client’s sensitive information confidential. Also please be aware that such results can neither be promised, nor guaranteed and are not typical.

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Freedom Over Panic is backed with a 60 Day No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee. If within the first 60 days of receipt you are not satisfied with Wake Up Lean™, you can request a refund by sending an email to the address given inside the product and we will immediately refund your entire purchase price, with no questions asked.



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