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Imagine having a system that automatically generates traffic and delivers $1k commissions. Got your attention? Any new person coming into this industry makes one small mistake. You think small. You don’t have to. The thing is with affiliate marketing, is that you can make a lot of money in just one day, or no money at all.

Maybe when you’re starting off, you’re trying smaller priced products thinking they will sell more, but you end up with like maybe $10 every week kinda a thing. For all your efforts, only to generate 10$? I know the feeling, as I was going through the same thing.

Be honest when you started off, didn’t you say you want to make $100 a day? I know about 7 months ago, I was making that money. $100 a day. If you remember, in my fb group, I was posting my results, almost daily, showing you $100 a day.

Then I switched my mindset on a few things and started chasing bigger money. How? By finding high ticket offers, which brought me more commissions, and just one commission, basically covered for either 5 days of work, or even sometimes 1 month of work.

No joke! Possible! VERY POSSIBLE! But we get stuck with our mind sabotaging us, thinking, that you won’t be able to sell. My first high ticket commission was $697 and it was through the John Crestani offer on Clickbank. Life changing for me.

Just 1 Sale …but adding things up comes to other sales
Or even more….

Since then, I’ve gone out to generate even more $400 commissions, $668, $1000, and $2000! in just one day! I’ve shared with your proofs in my groups, and through my various videos, I shoot. So the point of this is to explain to you, that promoting something which is a lot cheaper, than high-ticket, will get you sales, but won’t really do much to your online status.

You need to believe you can actually sell, bigger and more expensive digital products online. There is an easier way to help you actually get a high ticket sale.

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Aurora is a two-part software. A System that “Automates” webinars for you, and even includes FREE TRAFFIC. The training and software consist of 6 modules and 2 software.

Aurora – An Introduction

Preparing To Embark To The Northern Lights
Preparing To Embark To The Northern Lights
Filling Your Treasure Sack
Filling Your Treasure Sack
The Evergreen Option
Setting Up Your Snow Mobile
Setting Up Your Snow Mobile
Pro Version – Instagram Set Up & Software
Loading Your Snow Mobile & Turning The Key
Loading Your Snow Mobile & Turning The Key
Instagram Targeting
Your Front Row Seat At The Aurora Show
Your Front Row Seat At The Aurora Show
How To Set Up Your Pixel
Campaign Set Up & Targeting
Creating Your Aurora Ads