PARIS — At least eight people were injured on Friday near a bakery in the central French city of Lyon by what the local authorities described as a suspected explosive device.

The precise nature of the device was not immediately clear, and there were no claims of responsibility. But President Emmanuel Macron, in a live interview on YouTube, called it an “attack,” and the Paris prosector’s office said that it had opened a terrorism investigation.

“At this stage, there are no victims, there are some injured,” said Mr. Macron, who was being interviewed about the European Parliament elections.

France has been a target of terrorist plots in recent years, especially in 2015 and 2016, when Islamist extremists waged large-scale deadly attacks. In the past few years, attacks have been rarer and much smaller in scale. In December, in the eastern city of Strasbourg, five people were killed by a gunman at a Christmas market.

Police and military patrols in urban areas have become routine, especially in crowded shopping areas and at sensitive sites like train stations.

The Friday explosion occurred in a “heavily secured” pedestrian area that was crowded with people beginning their weekend, Jean-Yves Sécheresse, a deputy mayor in charge of security, told BFM TV.

Denis Broliquier, the mayor of the affected borough, told BFM TV that police suspected an “explosive device” had been responsible and were combing through the scene.

Pictures posted to Twitter showed that the front of a Brioche Dorée bakery store on Rue Victor Hugo had been cordoned off by police, with glass and debris littering the ground. The blast occurred on the central peninsula between the Saône and Rhône rivers that snake through the city, according to local officials.

Denys Courbier, a doctor who works nearby, told BFM TV that he heard an “absolutely huge noise.”

“I went to my window to see, and I saw that in front of the Brioche Dorée, all of the glass in the front window had shattered,” he said.

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