Before we get into tips for using Facebook Ads for affiliate promotions, let’s take care of a couple housekeeping things.
Create your own landing pages

As we said above, sending people directly to your affiliate link is a great way to get your ads banned.Start hyper-focused, then expand

Whether you’re advertising Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or any other PPC (pay-per-click) network, start off your targeting hyper-focused, then expand from there.Get clear on the end game

What is your goal with this set of ads?

4. Know how much time you have

Are you building up page likes, which is a long-term strategy?Make your picture relevant and interesting

This is pretty self-explanatory. If you’re promoting an offer related to fitness, have a picture related to fitness.Tell them what to do

Never overestimate people’s ability to read between the lines and know what to do.
7. Start off with CPM bidding

CPM bidding is cost per thousand impressions.

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