Afghan War Casualty Report: May 10-16


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May 13 Nangarhar Province: four civilians killed

Four civilians were killed and 17 others wounded when four roadside bombs in Talashi Square in Jalalabad City, the provincial capital, simultaneously exploded.

May 13 Sar-i-Pul Province: seven pro-government militia members killed

The Taliban attacked a security outpost in the village of Qashqari in Sar-i-pul City where the fighting continued for two hours. Seven pro-government militia members were killed, and six others were wounded. Three militias were taken prisoners by the Taliban. The outpost was eventually captured by insurgents, and reinforcements did not arrive despite many requests for support.

May 13 Badakhshan Province: four soldiers killed

The Taliban ambushed a vehicle of Afghan border forces in the village of Deh Naw of Shahri Buzurg District, killing a company commander and three soldiers, and wounding other. The soldiers were on their way to the bazaar to buy food.

May 12 Paktika Province: 13 police officers killed

Hundreds of Taliban fighters simultaneously attacked several security outposts in Mulayan area of Mata Khan District and Sarkai area of Zurmat District, where the fighting continued for several hours. At least 13 police officers were killed and 19 others were wounded in the attacks.

May 12 Baghlan Province: deputy of provincial intelligence department killed

Ghafoor Khan, the deputy of Baghlan’s National Directorate of Security, was killed in the Taliban ambush in Doshi District. One of his bodyguards was wounded in the attack.

May 12 Wardak Province: five civilians killed

The Taliban attacked the area of Mirhazar in Hesa-e-Dowom-e-Behsod District, killing five civilians and wounding 12 others. Five civilians went missing after the Taliban attack. The Taliban attacked a neighborhood populated by the Hazara minority as a sign of support for the Kuchi people, who are of Pashtun ethnicity. The Hazaras and Kuchis communities have been fighting over land in the area for many years.

May 11 Kabul Province: one civilian killed

Meena Mangal, a former journalist and current employee of Afghan Parliament, was assassinated by unknown gunmen in Kabul City.

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