Notre-Dame Cathedral, Mueller Report, Boston Marathon: Your Monday Evening Briefing

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Good evening. Here’s the latest.

1. Fire ravaged the Cathedral of Notre-Dame.

Thousands of people watched in shock from the banks of the Seine, and many more were riveted to television screens, as flames tore through the beloved medieval landmark’s wooden roof. Its iconic spire collapsed.

Gray smoke filled the Paris sky into the night as firefighters struggled to contain the blaze, which officials said had begun in the attic. Here’s the latest.

No cause was identified as of this writing, nor any injuries. The cathedral had been undergoing extensive renovations, including work on the spire.

2. In the U.S., President Trump visited Burnsville, Minn., for a round table on the economy and tax reform, above.

That took him near the district represented by one of his new political targets: Ilhan Omar, a Democrat and one of the first Muslim women elected to Congress. He has portrayed her remarks addressing the suspicions directed at American Muslims after Sept. 11 as dismissive of the terrorist attacks.

She has reported a rise in death threats against her.

And we have the back story on a meeting at the White House last month that set off the purge of homeland security officials. The key ingredient: the fury of Stephen Miller, the 33-year-old White House senior adviser, that they had not put into effect the policies he pushed.


3. The Mueller report will be released to Congress and the public on Thursday, the Justice Department said.

Attorney General William Barr will offer the report after lawyers from Justice and the office of the special counsel, Robert Mueller, finish reviewing the voluminous report on the 22-month investigation.

They’re blacking out passages involving secret grand jury testimony, classified information, material related to continuing investigations and other sensitive information.


4. Meanwhile, it’s tax day for most of the U.S. People in Maine and Massachusetts, which celebrate holidays today, have until midnight Wednesday.

5. At least 17 tornadoes ripped through Texas, Mississippi, Alabama and Ohio over the weekend, and powerful storms swept across the South to the Northeast.

Nine people, including three children, were killed — though none, amazingly, in the flattened town of Franklin, Tex., above.

By this morning, most of the severe weather was pushing off the East Coast.


6. A New York miracle:

The three people in the small plane above were spared a probably fatal crash on Sunday night — by getting tangled up in aboveground utility cables.

The plane had run out of fuel above Long Island as it circled for a seventh attempt to land in thick fog. The three aboard, all men from Flushing, were uninjured, except, the police said, for a single sprained finger.


8. Triumphs in sport.

In the Boston Marathon, Lawrence Cherono of Kenya, above left, beat Lelisa Desisa of Ethiopia to the men’s victory by just a stride, in 2:07:57, while Worknesh Degefa of Ethiopia ran away from the field of women, finishing in 2:23:31.

In the push rim wheelchair competition, Daniel Romanchuk, a 20-year-old American, became the youngest winner, in 1:21:36. Manuela Schar of Switzerland won the women’s event for a second time, at 1:34:19.

And the awe over Tiger Woods’s win at the Masters on Sunday is far from over — he’s joined the ranks of the greatest comebacks in sports history.


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