WHAT is Affiliate Marketing and HOW Does it Work? For Beginners!

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What is Affiliate Marketing? And how you can make millions of dollars using affiliate marketing? Let’s talk about what is affiliate marketing? And why it is important in 2019? Affiliate Marketing is a marketing technique, where you will get commission from on-line
retailers by selling their product. Which means you are more or like a on-line sales person. You are selling their product on your website or social media, facebook, instagram or whatever it is. Whenever you wanna sell something of a retailer, they will give you a specific link which will track your records. For example, let’s talk about amazon. Amazon Affiliate Marketing Program. If you are a beginner, consider joining Affiliate Programing of Amazon. Because it makes you millions of dollars. And you you become pro, you can go other program such as BlueHost. BlueHost is a web host service provider. And they will give lot of money by promoting their product.
And my students are making millions of dollars just promoting the affiliate program of BlueHost. Whenever you sign up for a Affiliate program and select a product, you will get a custom link. Custom trackable link. You need to use that link in all your promotion media. Like for example, If i have a instagram and i have hundreds of thousands of followers. And it’s totally belongs to fitness. So i will promote fitness product on my Instagram page. So i will go into Amazon and I will select the fitness products. Then i will start promoting them on instagram. I will use that particular link. Whenever the user click on that link, they land on amazon web page. And this link will drop a cookie in user’s browser. So whenever they purchase anything on amazon within 24 hours, that will be considered as a referel to you. So you will get a commission between 4% to 10% on amazon. And there are different providers who will give you more than 20%. And there are some exclusively retail online stores, Who will give you 100% as a commission.
Because, thay are service based. from second month on they will make their profit. So your job is to search this kind of retail
people or retail stores and start promoting their product to get commission. The best place to search for this affiliate program in affiliate network websites such as cj.com. I will leave my 3 favorite affiliate marketing network website in the description below.
Make sure you see the description and search for your affiliate program. Tips to start your affiliate program right now. Make sure you have a specific Niche. For example, start collecting niche of fitness. Or in my case I will start collecting niche of entrepreneurs.
People who would like to start their own businesses. And start showing the ads and products which they are looking for. for example if you are showing for fitness freaks, then start showing some exercise tools or some exercise online course. Something like that. Don’t bombard or don’t show them more Ads and make them irritated. Because, if your users or your followers see or have a hunch that you are doing this king of promotion so regularly and start irritating them, then they will leave you. they will stop fallowing you. That will hurt your business on long run. Tip two. Choose a perfect affiliate program. Search in all websites and make sure that
program can be sell able very easily. Make sure the conversion rate is high. And is is been sold by many other affiliate programmers.
So that you can sell very easily. Thank you guys. Thank you for watching this video. If you like this video, please do subscribe
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If you have any questions or if you want me to make any video related to digital marketing, please leave a comment below.
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Link for Affiliate Network

Link for top 3 Affiliate Program

1) BlueHost: https://www.bluehost.com


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