In the Heart of Beijing, a Taiwanese Pop Idol Makes Fans Swoon

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The Beijing restaurant, which is officially recognized by Ms. Teng’s family in Taiwan, also includes a museum, on the first floor, displaying some of Ms. Teng’s dresses, pianos and clocks. On the second floor is the performance hall, with a chandelier and a disco ball.

On busy nights, hundreds of people pack into the hall, gathering around tables covered with red-checkered tablecloths. Some guests opt for private rooms, where they sing karaoke versions of Ms. Teng’s songs.

On a recent night, Wang Liang, 36, paid $15 to request a live performance of “I Only Care About You” for his wife and daughter.

“Ever since I was a child, I’ve always liked Teresa Teng’s songs,” Mr. Wang said. “Her songs aren’t as flippant as pop songs now, and they really stick in your memory.”

One of the singers at the restaurant, Wang Xin, 25, who was trained as a classical pianist, said Ms. Teng’s supple singing style, rich with vibrato, is difficult to imitate.

“The emotions are hard to capture,” she said. “It’s very hard to find the right tone.”

She practices by listening to Ms. Teng’s songs on repeat on her phone.

At a recent show, Ms. Wang, wearing fake eyelashes and red lipstick to evoke Ms. Teng, approached the microphone to sing one of the pop star’s tougher standards, “What Do You Have to Say?”:

I waited for more than a year,

Three-hundred sixty-five days isn’t easy,

You simply don’t have me in your heart,

Give me my love back!

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