How To Build An Email List For Affiliate Marketing [Take The 5 Day Challenge Now!]

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In this video, I am going to show you how to build your email list for affiliate marketing the right way. Are you ready to start your list in 5 days?

Grow Your List In 5 Days:


The smartest thing you can do when getting started with your affiliate marketing training is to start your email list. This asset alone is what makes some affiliates kill it and others get killed off.

When you build your email list, you are creating your own traffic platform. This means you can promote your content and offers to your list whenever you like. If Facebook block affiliates, no problem you have a list.

The best way to build your email list fast is to write an epic blog post that provides immense value. Now do not scrimp on value here, this is your awareness content. If you can capture your readers here your affiliate marketing journey will be so much easier.

Next, we offer a content upgrade. This is really just a lead magnet but it is like an extension to the blog post they just read. This must be easy to consume, solve one specific problem and deliver some sort of result so that our readers get that quick win feeling.

Lastly, we build our Thank You Page with a video designed to build the relationship. Adding an affiliate offer here is perfect… these are warm leads.

Ok, guys, I have armed you with the knowledge about how to build your email list for affiliate marketing. If you have enjoyed then smash the like button and please subscribe.

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