What is Affiliate Marketing for Beginners | Basic Explanation

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Hey what’s up I’m Nakeya and welcome to my channel. I talk about money making topics by providing you with, reviews, tutorials and tips. Today I am going to explain to you what affiliate marketing is.


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➡What is affiliate marketing?

Online or digital affiliate marketing is when someone enters in a partnership with a business and agrees to promote that company’s product or services. The affiliate promotes the product to potential customers to attract leads to sell to. After the final transaction on the product is made by the customer, the affiliate is paid a commission. The percentage of the commission depends on what was agreed upon. The agreement can be through an actual meeting or by signing up and getting approved for an affiliate program on a website.

➡How do affiliates promote products?

The product is often promoted online via blog, social media, YouTube and other internet platforms. The affiliate is provided with a personalized link that can be shared on the online platforms. With this link, sales can be tracked.

➡What stores and companies offer affiliate programs?

Most stores offer affiliate programs and you can check by going on their site and scrolling down to the bottom of the page and it will say Affiliate Program or Affiliate Partner. Amazon has an affiliate program called Amazon associate and a lot of YouTube Content Creators use Amazon affiliate links in their description box when listing their filming gear; including myself.


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