Tips for Making Money on RedBubble & Increasing Your Sales

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Here are some tips that can help you make more money on RedBubble, a popular print on demand website to sell digital art. You can make passive income uploading your digital art. Learn some tips and tricks to help increase your sales.

Here’s the links I referenced in the video

My other Redbubble video

List of RedBubble Size Dimensions

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  1. Hi Lisa, I have been watching your videos pertaining to redbubble since april, and they have been very helpful with setting up an account & uploading images and resizing them to fit. All of my images except one are photos of my own abstract artwork, I have resized them to fit the various products and have uploaded them all (Username "Premiess"). I have had no luck since april, not one sale. I don't know what i'm doing wrong as far as promotion of my work. Any advice would be very appreciated as i really can't seem to get it. Thank you Lisa

  2. It's been the opposite for me. I started pretty strong. Within my first year of uploading really thought out designs, I did really well. But now I'm lucky to make 20$ and personally feel like my art is better, and what I'm uploading is better. But I'm just not selling things. Hopefully something catches on soon.

  3. This is an awesome video Lisa, thank you for taking the time to share this with us. I create art and patterns for 7 POD companies and have found, without a social media following or paid advertising, the amount of money made is extremely minimal. I have over 700 products and sold one item in 2 months time. TY

  4. +Lisa Irby thank you for this video, its great! What do you think is the best place to go or source of information on the Pixels/DPI/dimensions side of things? That part intimidates me the most. Thank you! xx

  5. hi please reply my question
    I tried to sign up in the redbubble with two different mail account but the both accounts were banned and I am hesitate to try new one what is the solution to avoid the banned process>?

  6. Hey guys! could you check out my redbubble account? My dog has to go into surgery.. it’s $500 dollars. and i don’t have that much, i already have to pay rent. If she doesn’t get the surgery she will have to be put down. can someone please buy some of my donation shirts or stickers? i have normal things too. like normal stickers not just donation. Thank everyone for checking it out.

  7. I am an artist, i just loaded up some of my artworks. Some of my artwork prints look great on many different things, hope holiday season will bring me some sales, have a look ludje-48 is the name of my shop.

  8. What dimensions do you use when drawing your artwork? Like the size of the digital canvas. I use the recommended size as given by RB however if I wanted to make the image smaller to fit an item better, it would blur.


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