How To Make $2000 Per Day With affiliate Marketing

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This is probably THE most important factor in running an online business… TRUST

Without it, nobody will buy anything from you.

Here’s some great tips for gaining trust… and ultimately sales.




  1. Brilliant buddy..I know you did something similar somewhere before but for the life of me I can't find it..this is perfect..just what i need right now..keep it coming 🙂

  2. Excellent content Jono, now the biggest problem is how to rank the youtube videos after all the SEO keywords optimizations.

    That's what's really missing How to rank the videos since the launch is in about one to two weeks.

    In the beginning, did you do google ads for the video?
    Can you show an example? Did you buy backlinks for the video?
    Can you suggest vendors? Did you build backlinks? What type of backlinks?web2.0, etc.

    The biggest problem is ranking the video in a new channel even if the account is old google sometimes shadows the video especially with bought views and comments or maybe I m doing it wrong.

    Please share some golden nuggets about Youtube rankings.


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