Clickbank For Beginners 2019: How To Make A Consistent $10,000/Month

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Clickbank For Beginners 2019: How To Make A Consistent $10,000/Month

In this video I break down:

1. how to set up a clickbank account
2. how to pick a product
3. the importance of setting up a themed youtube channel
4. how to create already make for you content (no need to shoot videos yourself)
5. How to get views to your video.

Clickbank is by far one of the easiest ways to get started with affiliate marketing and the way I got started making money online. It requires no money to get started all you need is a voice and your laptop.

Content is king when it comes to success with this method. I’ve generated multiple 7 figures online and it’s been from 100% free traffic strategies.

Find out what works, model the frame work, add your own unique twist and you’ve got a formula for success.





  1. All of honestly owe you sooooooooo much money based off the content and information provide I thank you my brother thanks 🙏🏿

  2. Sir In Funnel X ROI,How much money we need,as it is showing 25 dollar,100dollar,2000 much.please do answer it please.How much are the hidden money?I am student so I donot want to only move here and there.PLEASE help.

  3. Sir,if I INVEST 110 dollars for easy1up,the 1st level then how much money more I should invest for the traffic and other stuffs ??and how much I will earn and in how many days,if I seriously do the work,please do answer.Thank you

  4. Hi Josh. Do you have any examples of the sort of Fivrr videos you describe that you can pay someone to make for you, which is as you say based on just a re-written transcript of someone's video please? I'd love to see a real world example of an original video as compared to the re-worked Fivrr paid for version of the same idea.

    The reason I'm asking is I really want to get into this but I'm struggling to see how someone can create from written transcript only a video which at least thousands of people will want to watch? For instance the get a flat belly video you offer as an example; will some independent third party person you pay to make a video really make an exercise video showing you how to get a flat belly? I hope you can understand given the time and investment involved it'd be good to see some reassurance in the form of examples.

    As you say people watch videos for a variety of reasons. Surely a major one is the physical attractiveness and personal charisma of the person in such a video and how much they enjoy watching them, and how enticing the thumbnail you make based on that content is. Especially so in the case of work out videos, but let's be honest even stuff like video gaming videos this stuff is a factor in how many views it gets.

  5. Great video josh, nowadays there is so many opportunities to make money. With YouTube worth mentioning the more people you get in videos first 24 hours the more reach it gets so pays to build a list film start so you can promote your videos and get quicker views

  6. I really like your video You teach things that other channel didn't teach. Never see someone teach about affiliate marketing so detail like yours.. May I know any free method to start earning little money? I have some money to invest but that's all what I got I can't afford to lose it

  7. Hi Joshua ! I did the math about all the process and here is the results :
    Let say you pick 5 videos (about 5min each)
    The retranscription for the 5 videos will be approx 25$
    Then you go on fiverr and ask to rewrite each 5 (assuming the lenght of words the gig will cost 10$ for a good results) (5 x 10$ = 50$ for the 5 videos)
    Next you have to make a video about this text so on fiverr always, price will be around 10$ for that kind of videos (or more than 10$) but we will say 10$ for the 5 text will be again 50$
    And then you return to each videos that you take and grab the tags and description of them with "VidIQ" to insert them in your videos (with your affiliate link in first place)
    The total cost for 5 videos will be around 125$ (25$ per videos)
    Do you think that 5 videos will be "enough" to make the first commissions with ClickBank ? (assuming that the channel will be brand new)

  8. OMG!! Awesome info Bro. Thank you so much!! Keep the videos coming. I am learning so much from you. Can't wait to make my first sale with Clickbank and YouTube.

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