Affiliate Marketing for Beginners 2019

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In this video we are going to show you the fastest way for you to get started earning affiliate commision passively online.

The quickest way to get started is to create videos explaining to people what products you use that you find useful and you think will be useful to people if they found out about them.

Let me show you an example, I am busy building an audience by growing my email list, I use ConvertKit as my email service provider and I really enjoy using them because they are the best out there, so I am happy to talk about Convertkit on a video and explain why I think people should be using them as their email service provider and the benefits of using them.

Another great way for photographers and YouTubers to make affiliate commision is to talk about the gear they use for their photography and for creating videos for their youtube channel.
Beacause we use this gear every day its easy to talk about and reccomend to people.

I would not recommend trying to earn affiliate commission for a product or service that you don’t use. What I do is i ask myself the question am I happy recommending this to my friends, if i am comfortable recommending the product or service to my friends then I am happy creating a video about it.

Its that easy talk about the products and services you love and sit back and earn a passive income, jokes its not that easy, but this will get you started once you have created your videos you then need to market them, to learn more about marketing and promoting you videos consider subscribing to our youtube channel

Question of the day what is your favorite product or service to promote for affiliate marketing let us know in the comments below.

Thanks for watching and we will see you in the next one




  1. Really great video I’ll have to look into concertkit – totally agree with you, make sure you believe in what your being affiliated with.


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