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Affiliate Hero:
Revolutionary Software Unlocks Instagram’s Free Traffic Algorithm to Bring You Fresh Leads & Tasty Affiliate Commissions
Software Identifies hottest selling products from Amazon, eBay and ClickBank
Piggybacks on trendiest hashtags with the most traffic
Captures leads when people comment on post and sends affiliate link instantaneously
No authorisation keys one click integration
Newbie Friendly
100% Cloud Based, Nothing to Download & Install.
Three Steps That Take You From Complete Newbie To Successful Internet Marketer..
Software finds hottest products from Amazon, eBay and ClickBank.
Identifies most trending Instagram hashtags, links products to them and auto posts affiliate listings for maximum traffic.
This results in massive traffic…and sales. There is no need for a store, hosting or coding.
This is, hands down.the EASIEST way to profit online.

And the exciting thing is it’s never been done before..
tart Getting More

Likes, Clicks, Comments, Shares & Sales

with a Secret Social Media Hack That Nobody’s Had

Access to Until Today.
Hottest Products
The software pinpoints the trendiest of products from Amazon, ebay and ClickBank.
Cloud Simplicity
No need for upgrades, installations, or hosting. All you need is a browser for massive traffic today.
Traffic Generation
The software auto posts the products with the hashtags that have the most traffic in the niche.
Browser Friendly
You want your products to be seen everywhere, and this software works flawlessly across all major browsers.
Hashtag Magic
Hashtags are used extensively across social media to create trending posts..
List Building
The software automatically adds anyone who inquires about your product to your mailing list.
Making Affiliate Commissions is easy –

if you know how.

Anyone who has succeeded as an affiliate marketer knows that the secret is to find the hottest, trendiest offers – and then drive massive FREE traffic to them.

But here is the thing.

You’ll find it hard to compete unless you can “sniff out” the top 1% of sellers on the main affiliate platforms.

Hot sellers generate massive interest on social media and Search Engines.

Learn how to drive massive FREE traffic and you’ll receive a deluge of hungry buyers in search of your product.

Fail to find the hottest products in the most sizzling of niches, and you run the risk of being beaten by your competitors who’ve learned the art of generating massive FREE traffic to any offer.
Free traffic is vital to succeeding online.

Unlike paid traffic, FREE traffic is built on trust.
Those who know how to generate this kind of traffic will see their earnings soar.

Those who don’t – struggle with expensive paid traffic, low ROI and low sales.

The truth is that unless you know how to drive lots of free targeted traffic – you are at a massive disadvantage to those that do.
But that’s not all.

Those who achieve the best results go a step further.

They do more than find hot products and drive traffic to them.

They also build a subscriber list to ensure that they build a long term asset that takes their earnings to the next level.

Doing all of this used to be hard and time consuming.
Affiliate Hero™ is the first of its kind platform for finding the hottest affiliate products, and then auto publishing them on the world’s most sought after hashtags.
Why are hashtags so powerful?
Hashtags are one of the most used ways of sorting and finding content within social media.
Unlike keywords – they don’t necessarily have a linguistic or grammatical meaning.
They are the most used way to share information online…and they tend to go viral.
Think of the recent #MeToo movement to get a scale of what’s possible).
Hashtags are the best way to get content seen. They are used extensively by large brands that want to receive free traffic, and fast.
Affiliate Hero™ identifies the hottest products and then attaches the listing to the most shared hashtags within your niche.
This “in the cloud” platform has the latest and most up to date technology for finding the best products in your niche, and then getting them shared through Instagram’s own inbuilt viral hashtag system.
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