3 Best Affiliate Marketing Funnels In 2019 – Which Affiliate Funnel Is Right For You?

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All 3 of 2019’s hottest affiliate funnels revealed in this vid! Funnelhack the best performing affiliate marketing funnel free!

One of the greatest affiliate marketing tips is to build out an affiliate sales funnel that will consistently convert traffic into leads and leads into affiliate sales.

The best affiliate marketers who are generating multiple six figure incomes each year with affiliate marketing are using marketing funnels.

You will not learn about these funnel structures on funnelhackertv or Funnel Friday’s because one of them is not compatible with affiliate marketing on Clickfunnels… So Russell Brunson will never funnel hack them!

The three most powerful affiliate marketing funnels in 2019 are:

#1 – The Influence Funnel

#2 – The Direct Response Funnel

#3 – The Follow-Up Funnel

This video will go through the process of drawing each affiliate funnel out so you can understand how to build an affiliate marketing funnel that works!

If you want to see the first funnel in action, the influence funnel… So you can funnel hack a brilliant example of this sales funnel, go here:


The second funnel, the direct response I have a full video series that shows how to build it out in my DIY Sales Funnel series here:

Specifically you will want to focus on videos one and two in this series for an affiliate marketer… The rest of the series is built to show how to sell your own products through sales funnels.

But videos one and two are all about affiliate marketing funnels.

For a deeper dive into creating the content needed, like your bridge page video… And finding an affiliate offer that has a sales video that works in this type of sales funnel, watch this video next:

Funnel number three is the follow-up funnel and creates the most trust in the strongest relationship with your audience in the shortest amount of time.

If you have been through my free affiliate marketing course here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tD97-K5TeE&list=PL0sOKzn__yK1N9QS91pLZA-OCIc8d56xZ

You will know that trust is one of the key components in the T.T.O. success formula for affiliate marketing.

since this affiliate marketing method requires you to nurture the relationship with your audience through email, you will want to learn how to write a great email autoresponder series.

I interviewed my wife who has sent millions of emails to her list through her autoresponder and she shared her strategy for creating a great email autoresponder series for affiliates here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cWAXJD-dP4Y




  1. Stunning value Miles, even more than usual. If I had an 18 yr old friend I'd tell them to put off college (and debt) to learn digital marketing from you.

  2. Are you currently bringing in 10 leads per day on autopilot yet? Yes? …Or no? Comment and let me know so I know where you are…

    This will help me make even better content for you in the coming weeks!

  3. Are you going to do an update on how to build a website? I feel like im spinning my wheels. Still trying to figure this whole affiliate marketing thing out. I tried it on fb sending direct to affiliate link. it worked for awhile and then went south and put me in the red. Plus, since i never got the emails i have no list. I didn't know any better. Trying to learn do it the right way but have info overload and dont know what niche to pick. I havent seen any offers for the thing im curious about. Dont know how to make a website either. I dont know how to drive traffic to a website without using FB.

  4. When you do the Influencer funnel, how critical do you think are the retargeting ads since you aren't getting their email upfront?

  5. Great video. Thinking of trying the first type of funne. To answer your question. No not able to generate 10 leads on autopilot.

  6. Thank you Miles great content is a fantastic idea of using the 3 different Funnels, separately and totally agree of building trust first…
    Under 10 Subscribes

  7. the amount of leads i get depends on how much i spend. I want to spend less to get 10 leads a day…so my answer is NO

  8. Currently watching this video, but I'm short on time so I wanted to ask a quick question:

    For the first funnel, would it make sense to have an opt in on the first page? for example, teasing the secrets and then for the rest you have to "click here for your secret link" and that would be the opt-in? Then it sends them through a sequence where it sends the long-form page to their email.

    Does that make sense? I'm just wondering if thats a good way to do it too.

    Thanks, Miles!


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