Affiliate Marketing For Beginners!! Where To Start To Make Money As An Affiliate?

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Affiliate Marketing For Beginners!!
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In this video I am going to share with you some tips on how to start making money with affiliate marketing. Many newbies want to make money as an affiliate but are overwhelmed with all of the information out there but in this video I am going to give a simple and easy to follow plan that will help any affiliate marketer start making money as soon as today! After watching this video you should have enough information to start generating some cash in the affiliate marketing game.

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Tip 1

When getting started with affiliate marketing I recommend to websites to sign up with. Clickbank and Amazon. These are 2 completely different places but both offer pretty cool affiliate programs. Clickbank has got to be the largest digital product distribution site out there. They have thousands of products that you can become an affiliate of that can pay you up to 70% commissions. This is of course a good thing but you do want to make sure that the products you promote from Clickbank are of a good quality. It is a known thing that yes, Clickbank has some really great products but they also have some crappy ones. Just take some time to choose a product that you feel will benefit your customers.

Amazon is another great place to start but I will say that your commissions are pretty small compared to Clickbank. Commissions usually start off around 4% but can increase the more you sell. A really cool thing about the Amazon affiliate program is that is someone clicks on one of your affiliate links for an item you are promoting and decide not to get that item but buys another item from the site you will still get a commission for whatever it is they bought!

Affiliate Marketing For Beginners Tip 2

Start doing reviews. One of the best ways to get traffic to your affiliate offers is by doing reviews. You can do a review on the actual product that you are promoting or you can do a review o something that is related to the offer that you have. Just make sure that at the end of your reviews you send viewers. You can do video reviews and put them on YouTube or do written reviews that you can post on your blog. Do whatever you prefer, but if possible do both!

These tips should help you make money as an affiliate. Good Luck,




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