3 Quick Tips To Get Started With Affiliate Marketing | 2019

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Today we are going to be going through 3 quick tips to get started with Affiliate Marketing. Affiliate marketing is a super powerful vehicle to make money online but this simple step is often overlooked.

Quick Tip #1 Identifying the result – Now this should go without saying but I am a huge believer that if you are going to recommend something (That all affiliate marketing is) you had better believe in it! That is your reputation and shouldn’t ever be traded for a quick buck!

Knowing the result that the product or service is going to bring to that person will help you sell it much easier.

Quick Tip #2 Identify the people – Who are the people that are using this product or service. What are they like, where are they from, how do they think and act?

These questions will help you find your target market straight away and actually allow you to have high converting sales conversations. be it trhough your automated systems (email, chatbots, etc), on the sales pages themselves, or over the phone.

Quick Tip #3 – What is the program/suite/buffet that you offer…


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