95 of You Will Ignore This 2019 Affiliate Marketing Strategy Marketing Strategies Examples 2019

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Are you tired of struggling to make money online with affiliate marketing? If so, then try this free strategy, or I can just say it’s, not the product. Okay, it’s the offer. It’S not the product, it’s the offer. That’S important, I’m gon na the key word here is the offer okay. So whatever you know, whenever you get a traffic, you will be sending traffic to something that will capture the traffic right, hopefully again, we’ll talk about in just a second here, but most people make a make a fatal mistake in their business. Thinking that you know if I can just get a whole bunch of traffic to this one product that I’m promoting and they just sent traffic straight to the product pitch page or whatever right then they’ll get the results. It’S not about the product. Necessarily, okay, so understand this. Okay, the product was my marker here. Let me see if I can, if I can, map this out for you, okay, so this is your product here, okay, let’s say this is a product that gets you paid whatever this product might be. Doesn’T matter what natured is, it can be health and can be wellness and can be Mike. Money can be, social media can be consulting whatever it is right and so you’re sending, which you think you’re sending traffic to the product. Okay, most people do this, and so they think this is their end game. They think that people your visitors right here all right when they’re coming your traffic coming to this page, they most marketers think that these guys want the product. People don’t want the product. It’S the whole analogy of the of the driven. You know, selling a drilling up, you know and holding a wall right. What do people who really, if I want to buy a drill, do I really want that drill? Not really. I want a hole in a wall right, so whatever this product produces. Okay, result; okay, this is what people really want. This is what these guys want. Okay, so when you send traffic and we’re gon na talk about this as well having this operation are gon na. Tell you you know, I’m gon na assume that you probably have access to the mass promotion engineering training that we have here in 4 percent. If you don’t, you really really check it out, because I really dive into the details on that one. You know we’re talking about actually campaign structures and things like that, so understanding this, that this person doesn’t really care that much of the product as they do about the result that this product generates. So what we need, okay is. We need to understand how to hold on one sec. You let me get something to to erase this board with okay, so we need to intercept this. This visitor okay, with what we call an offer. Okay and our offer can be displayed okay in a form of a landing page, which is it’s not a rocket science. I’M telling you right so this visitor would be. You know we’ll move this guy over here will, keeping it simple will, keeping it okay. So your landing page, which we’re gon na talk a little bit about as well. Okay, this is your strategic positioning. Your landing page needs to be focusing more on this instead of this. So therefore, when you’re sending traffic, it’s not so much about the product as it is about what you’re talking it down that this visitor ultimately wants that your product can deliver and then you’re positioning it. Okay, your pre framing it capturing this visitor over here. Okay, you’re building your list, which is rule number one, all right, never waste traffic. Alright, I’m a little bit later on in this module. I’M gon na explain to you how this whole thing comes together and I promise you will make sense right, even if you’re brand new you’re never done this before, but I want to set you on a path to success from the get-go. Instead of you know telling you things that you know might get your result occasionally here and there I’m here, I’m not like my intention here is to help you become independent entrepreneur that can drive any vehicle, this being a vehicle right. It’S not really. This is not your business, your business is this: okay understanding how to do this? Okay, this is your business. This is not your business okay, this is my product. You can be selling anything in the world you want to sell.
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