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  1. Tyler
    I thought you was a Conversion Pro's guy? How come your stepping away from that? Why Aweber and click funnels? With conversion pros being a great all in one system. I've not clicked on your link to your number one recomended opportunity as I'm guessing it's for TCP and I'm already a member of that. You say you've been affiliate marketing for 20 years. How did you go about doing that back in 1999? The internet was a slow and dark place back then.

  2. Thanks Tyler for the great video.
    I need some help, I'm just starting out and I created my first landing page with a free ebook offer, then the thank you email comes automatically in inbox with the downloadable free ebook offer, then the rest of the email has an image there links to the product, PLUS the free pdf ebook also has a link to the product but my question is after someone submits their email on my landing page….. where should it redirect? At this moment it doesn't redirect to the product, should it redirect or no as the thanks email and free ebook contains the link to my affiliate product?
    Just need some direction on this thanks


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