How To Make Money Using Clickbank Without A Website Update #3

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  1. I've watched your last two videos and they have both been excellent. I appreciate the transparency, showing the campaigns exactly as they are, and it is obvious to me that the purpose of these has simply been to provide value and building your audience. They have been very helpful.

    My only suggestion for you is to ignore the people who are calling your motives into question. You can't win with that crowd, and it will never bring out the best in you. If you defend or explain yourself, they will believe they have "caught" you lying to them. If you ignore their gotcha questions, well, then you will be guilty, too. Nothing you can say will change their minds because their problem is much deeper than the way you explain something in a YouTube video. These folks live their lives looking for someone else to blame for why they are where they are personally, professionally, financially, etc….. You didn't cause their problems and getting down on their level won't fix them.

    Your videos provide more value per minute than most of the re-hashed crap here on YouTube. If people con't understand that, it's not your problem. Don't let them under your skin. Lots of us really appreciate what you show here.

  2. Thanks you for helping me! You asked my question about where do I go from here. It's working for me as far as click but no conversions. But I guess I have to do what you say go and make some changes. Thanks Demetris please don't think you are not help because that's wrong you are helping me. Let me know if you have any more training I will be there front and center .

  3. This time I can comment and thank Demetris not only for the info but for actual results! Guys I got TWO SALES already and spent less than $10 on Bing. And this is FREE training Demetris is giving us!

  4. Hi Demetris, thank you for another actionable video, already have 1 campaign running ( 2,000 impressions/ 2 clicks) utilizing the 1st video and have tweeked it as per this one. Looking at running another campaign – Thanks again – Grant

  5. What do you recommend?
    With or without website?
    What if the offer turns out to be profitable, would yoi build a website and try to increase the conversion rate with that or just continue and put more money on it?
    Btw great videos!


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