Global Business Referral Network – The truth about affiliate marketing. A step by step course.

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Global Business Referral Network is a people based membership driven network of business professionals who grow business sales by combining affiliate marketing with multi-level marketing. what makes us different is that we grow these networks on and off the internet.

Lots of affiliate marketers I talk to thought they’d be making more money by now…

And really it’s not their fault. Those so-called “gurus” just love planting fairytales in people’s heads. They say you can make a boatload of cash without lifting a finger. That somehow, all your affiliate sales will come to you automagically while you sleep.

I don’t know about your experiences, but the last time money just magically appeared overnight was when the tooth fairy left cash under my pillow.

Vendors aren’t blameless either. They tell you to join their affiliate programs because the products are sooooo good they’ll just “sell themselves.”

Right. Because we’ve all seen affiliate offers put on a pair of fancy shoes, march out onto the internet, and sell themselves.

And then there’s the guys who talk about the Easy Button. You start to get the idea that you can quit your day job, push the Easy Button, and live happily ever after as oodles of money cascades magically into your PayPal account.

Enough of the fairytales. Because now you’re going to learn the TRUTH about affiliate marketing…

Is affiliate marketing is easy as you’ve heard?

Well… If you’ve been listening to the tall tales from gurus and shady vendors, then the answer is no… it’s not quite that easy. You can’t just print money….

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