How To Build An Email List for Affiliate Marketing and BE PROFITABLE with it FAST (2019)

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So how to build an email list fast and be profitable with it… this video is exactly about that.

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If you want to build an email list with responsive subscribers who buy from you, then this List Building tutorial is for you.

In my experience, building a list with proper strategies works best including having a good funnel and email sequence and more…

And that’s exactly how this Email List Building tutorial is structured.

First, you’ll learn what is an Email List and why you should build one. People often send traffic directly to offers page which is a BIG RED FLAG which you must avoid! Always and always capture your visitor’s emails so that you can personalize the offer that you are promoting which will not only result in better conversion rate on sales but also gives you the ability to market to those people again and again as long as they are in your list.

Second, we take a look at the funnels and how it is structured to get you best results i.e. higher optin rates and click rates. This is a very important phase as this makes or breaks your campaigns. Having the right “Lead Magnet” is really important and I have provided a few different options from which you can choose yours to create a lead magnet for the list building. Then, we discussed how an opt-in page and thank you page looks like and what you need to do in order to create them.

Next, we look at the automation or the email sequence types that you should use in your email marketing campaigns. If you do everything right and mess this thing up, your results won’t be good. You need to cultivate your list by providing them value with the right type of sales-pitch every now and then with good balance in order to generate sales and continue it for years…

I really hope you loved this video and if you did, please leave a like and comment below if you have any questions or just anything… it’ll keep me going creating more videos like these 🙂

And oh yea… Happy New Year!
Let’s crush it this 2019!


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