How I Made $167,431 My Second Year – Aggressive Marketing Strategies To Make Money Online For 2019

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in this video marcus talks about how he made $167,431 in his second year as an affiliate marketer / internet marketer.

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marcus will show you proactive marketing strategies that get fast results, how to focus on things that drive results and sales and profits with your business.

REMEMBER: watching this training is in NO WAY saying you will earn any money. there is a lot of work involved and marcus has been at this for over 19 years… but what you can expect is real world information on how he runs his business and how he has helped others do the same.




  1. when You Started/Now did you have them pay for there advertising or did you take it out of your overall service cost?

  2. Great video! Would be lovely to set your first video on fire just from leaving it. I always say tell everyone who will listen (including influencers). Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. LOL I have to pause these all the time to keep my notes orderly because otherwise I miss your hot tips bubbles (I prefer these over live anyway)…..pause 🐾🐾 thanks for the pep talk, tips, and download

  4. Nice video presentation and nice strategies about breaking up services based on the client's industry type. I think I have to consider your tip. But is it not good to be specialized in one industry. Example, I create medical video presentations for doctors ( surgeons ). I use to cater to other industry like the hotel industry. But now I am specific to the medical industry. Now as per your tip, is it okay for me to offer my services to other industry with different websites and different visiting card etc. Please advise. This is Anthony from Santacruz, Mumbai, India.

  5. Hi Marcus, am already subscribe to your mailing but i have never gotten that proactive list. Can you please email it to me or send link to download it. Thanks

  6. Marcus I need help I have paid for your high ticket niche you guys have helped me develop a website for lawyers that I thought would be easier to do now I am having Tech issues I keep on trying to reach out to you through PC money making website but I get no response anymore is this just something that I paid $1,700 for and I cannot figure out how to Market my next stop too much text stuff I've never played with computers before I am at a huge learning curve if anybody could help me I would greatly appreciate it


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