Affiliate Marketing and Monetization don’t mix!

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Monetized YouTube Partners thinking about transitioning to an affiliate program; such as Amazon, need to choose one or the other. I experimented with the affiliate program and added some links to Amazon on my descriptions to some of my videos. Later, I did a little more reading and found out that it might interfere with my partnership and the adds placed on my videos, such as demonetizing my videos. So, I went in and removed the links in my description but accidentally left one link in one of my video descriptions. The video was demonetized within 24 hours. I saw that it was demonetized, so I looked to see if I left a link and I did. I deleted the link and resubmitted the video for monetization and it was restored within 48 hours. I did this video to warn other YouTuber partners so that they do not lose revenue. I hope this helps you and protects you from any loss or inconvenience. I am no expert, so make sure to do your research and if you have any information for me, please advise. Thank you.




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