This video is the first in a series of ‘How to Become an Affiliate Marketer”. Here we discuss the foundation of Affiliate Marketing and build a plan.

1 – What is Affiliate Marketing?

2 – Companies that offer Affiliate Marketing opportunities
a. Amazon
b. Walmart
c. Etsy
d. Rakuten
e. **Clickbank (alternate video detailing)

3 – How to make Affiliate Marketing work for You.
a. Facebook Ads
b. Google Ads
c. Landing Pages (Leadpages)
d. Email Builder (MailChimp)
e. Automate Email follow up (Drip)
f. Blogging**

4 – Goals of Affiliate Marketing
a. Focus on 1 area or subject (Yoga, Fitness, Weight loss, etc…)
b. Locate your market (Google Adwords)
c. Develop targeted plan

5- Recommendation