In this video I will teach you how you can create a high quality landing page with clickfunnels that converts. In this Affiliate Marketing for beginners series I will share with you my strategies of creating high converting landing page with clickfunnels.

But before you step into this step, you have to make sure you have created and build your e-book for the affiliate product that you want to promote. Once you have the the book you are now ready to build your funnel.

Funnel is process where you can build simple actionable website for a sole purpose to convert prospect to subscriber or buyers. There are a lot of funnel build out there. Here are some of them –

1. ClickFunnels
2. Instapages
3. Leadpages
4. ThriveArchitect

So on and so forth. You can literally can select any of them based on your choices. It works with any landing page builder. But I will show you how I do with clickfunnels in this video.

Also, when you building your landing pages for your affiliate marketing products, keep it mind to keep things simple. Don’t confuse your visitors who comes to the page to get the thing they want- which is your lead magnet, ebook.

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