This is the very first video of my brand new channel! I created a New Channel as a way to weed out all the distractions on my main channel. This page is solely for the business side of me. I hope that I can be of inspiration to others to pursue their online business career as well. Join me on my Journey to quite my awful 9-5. I have several online endeavors that I am eager to share! But first BUILDERALL!!


At this moment I am looking for a strong Force to start off my team! 10-20 individuals who are willing to work hard within the first few months of this business so we can all be set for life! All levels welcome! If your willing to learn and work hard, you will succeed! My goal is to sell over 100 subscriptions within my first year…what’s yours??

I mentioned Tony Robbins book “Money, Mater the Game.”
Recommended read for anyone and everyone!!