She’s all for Harry and Meghan. “Cinderella has met her prince,” she said. “It could be anybody. That’s what’s so beautiful about it.”

At another table, Liz Tunmer and Sue Gale, both from out of town, were on the bus courtesy of Ms. Gale’s son, who had given her the tickets for Christmas.

“At the time we didn’t know about the royal wedding,” Ms. Gale said.

“It was just going to be tea on a bus,” Ms. Tunmer said.

Was she a royals fan?

It depends. “I have some friends who would rather be pulling their toenails out,” she said.

“I think people see it as an excuse for a good knees-up, if you can forget we’re paying for it,” Ms. Gale said.

Meanwhile, Sam and Sally Saunders, the sisters from Wollongong, were still pondering the elusive (to them) appeal of the royal family.

“Maybe it’s because we’re Australian,” Sam said.

“I just don’t get it,” Sally said. “I don’t understand their importance. I feel really terrible for saying this.”

“We’ll get kicked off the bus,” Sam said.

“Good luck to them,” Sally said. “Have a nice life. I’m glad I’m not them.”

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