In today’s video I go over the Top 3 Free Website Traffic Sources for Affiliate Marketers.

These are the 3 biggest platforms I currently use and have been using for as long as I can remember to generate leads for my online affiliate marketing business.

This is the perfect video if your a beginner in affiliate marketing and just looking for the best ways to start generating traffic for free.

In my opinion the best way to generate free traffic is from social media sites like the ones discussed in the video.

Any good affiliate marketing business need leads and sales to continue operating so if you don’t know how to generate leads and then convert those leads into sales then it’s going to be hard to maintain a business for that long.

One of the most important things in affiliate marketing is to start building up your email list with leads and potential customers.

Once you know how to generate leads and can build up a sizable email list your well on your way to a successful affiliate marketing business.

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