Hey guys, came across a really cool free keyword tool the other day. This tool is not only completely free, it’s actually in my opinion better than SmartSerp and LongTailPro and many paid keyword tools.

Why would you want to use a software like this?

Affiliate Marketers can get some great long tail keywords for writing content.

eCommerce Store Owners can get some great blog suggestions to help rank their site better. These keyword suggestions can also be used in your about us page, your product pages, etc to rank better in Google.

Youtube Creators and Bloggers can use a tool like this to not only get ideas for longtail keywords and content but to know exactly what buyers, watchers or readers are searching for or what questions they are asking online.

Regarldess of what you do I’m sure this tool can help you. Check it out. http://bit.ly/1uKzbP1