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🤑 Up to $500 USD In under 30 minutes on the #nasdaq 13 March 2024.


🤑 Up to $500 USD in under 30 minutes on the #nasdaq 13 March 2024.

Learn #howtotrade the #nasdaq with Lachlan Elsworth and Douro day trading 13 March 2024.

If you want to learn #howtotrade with the Pro Trading Team at Douro Day Trading, the grab the FREE Starter Pack Video series at https://dourodaytrading.com/deals/

Here is our next trade of the day video and it was another brilliant day.

The markets fell hard today after the hourly turn and we picked up a Fibonacci Extension reversal to produce a very big trade. Understanding that Futures Trading is a 2 team game, not a three team game (like #forex ), all we did is wait for the buyers to fail and we joined the other team!

The key to success in volatility is be very careful! That is exactly what the trading team did today and we used the Fibonacci Extensions the #nasdaq is famous for failing at. Today was yet another brilliant #howtotrade lesson that reinforces the need for a great #daytradingforbeginners strategy and the rules to match!

I personally had a losing session today as I made a mistake and that is 100% my fault. I should have followed the @DouroDayTrading rules, but human error was the issue!

If you want to learn #howtotrade, then let the market do the heavy lifting. This means that you join the sellers after the buyers fail and this is exactly what we did yet again.

If you are well trained and super ready to follow our #howtotrade rules, then maybe the @DouroDayTrading Live Trading Room is very much for you.

Lachlan Elsworth – Lead Trader 😀😀😀

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