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Earn Free USDT Daily | It Pays $2.5 Instantly To Trustwallet New Usdt Mining Site – No Investment

✅Registration link: https://tinyurl.com/dftxn5ue

✅ Invitation code:

🌀My Telegram contact – https://t.me/terryjeybackup

✅Telegram Channel – https://t.me/terryjeychannel

Online customer service: https://t.me/Vanguard_VIP889
Click Quantify→Select the unlock amount
VIP01 unlock amount 19-99 USDT Daily income 3.2-16 USDT
VIP02 unlocking amount 100-499 USDT Daily income 17-83 USDT
VIP03 unlocked amount 500-1499 USDT Daily income 86-260 USDT
VIP04 unlocked amount 1500-3499 USDT Daily income 276-643 USDT
VIP05 unlocked amount 3500-7499 USDT Daily income 676-1448 USDT
VIP06 unlocked amount 7500-16499 USDT Daily income 1500-3299 USDT
VIP07 unlocked amount 16500-32499 USDT Daily income 3680-7248 USDT
VIP08 unlocked amount 32500-99999 USDT Daily income 7800-23999 USDT
Stored value investment can only use USDT currency and select the TRC20 network
Our exclusive authorization allows all promoters to share the major media channels of this site, etc.! ! !
Just spend a little time every day to earn rich rewards and develop your own team.
Share the invitation link to your friends, family or social promotion channels and groups, such as YouTube, Telegram channel Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, and you can get three-level rebates through invitations:
Team commission: A B C rebate 12% 2% 1%
A-level team 12%, if the other party recharges 10,00 USDT, you will get 120 USDT
2% for B-level team, if the other party recharges 10,00 USDT, you will get 20 USDT
1% for C-level team, if the other party recharges 10,00 USDT, you will get 10 USDT
The more users you invite to recharge, the more rewards you will get.
For more questions, please contact online customer service: https://t.me/Vanguard_VIP889 (7X24 online)

🌀 Telegram chat – https://t.me/terryjeybackup

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