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Drug addicts need treatment, not talk

Little is understood concerning the Trump administration's plan to finish this public well being epidemic of opioid abuse, aside from the creation of a Fee on Combating Drug Habit and the Opioid Disaster. Up to now, the White Home has solely stated that the fee will produce a report and search for federal funding mechanisms.

Moment before passenger was dragged

New video exhibits the second and change proper earlier than a passenger aboard an United Airways flight was dragged off the aircraft by authorities.

These hero ants perform dramatic, mind-boggling rescues of their wounded comrades

Meet the ant species with a strict "no nestmate left behind" policy. African Matabele ants regularly risk death and injury while hunting down termites. So when one ant is hurt in the pursuit of prey, its nestmates will carry it to safety, scientists found. The rescue not only saves the fallen comrade but also helps the entire colony by keeping the population from dwindling, a German research team said in a new study in Science Advances. SEE ALSO: Bed bugs were blood-sucking pests even 11,000 years ago While common to nearly every Hollywood war movie, dramatic rescues are extremely rare among predators. Before this study, it wasn't known that insects even had this rescue reflex, said Erik Frank, a doctoral student University of Würzburg and the study's co-author. Read more... More about Termites, Ivory Coast, Sahara Desert, Sahara, and Insects

Here’s how vertical video is disrupting the filmmaking industry

There are so many aspects of our lives that are being revolutionised every day — so why are we still making video for horizontal screens? We’re long past consuming content on horizontal screens, and it’s time the video industry caught up, before storytelling is left behind. This year will see the tide change for video makers. With social media playing such an integral role in the lives of both consumers and brands filmmakers are making the shift towards bitesized video that’s easily consumed on a smartphone — and this takes quite a sizeable adjustment to make the jump to social in such a loud, congested environment. Read more... More about Cannes Film Festival, Movies, Film, Innovation, and Supported

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How to Master Affiliate Marketing

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Trump Doubles Down On Ex-Military Talent For The White House’s Top Africa Job

Joshua Roberts / Reuters WASHINGTON — The Trump administration has offered a retired lieutenant colonel with decades of experience in special forces and counterterrorism the position of White House senior director for Africa, a White House official told BuzzFeed News. The selection of Rudolph Atallah, a respected fellow at the Atlantic Council who served for more than 20 years in the US Air Force, adds another veteran to a National Security Council (NSC) stacked with former military officials. The pick also fills a major void on the NSC where Africa policy has largely remained a mystery given President Donald Trump’s scant remarks about the continent and the aborted selection of the previous senior director for Africa candidate after the CIA denied his top security clearance. For Africa, particularly, the abundance of officials with military backgrounds on the NSC has raised concerns about an over-emphasis on counterterrorism rather than other issues that affect the continent, such as..

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