Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Scientist discovers ingenious ways to destroy the ‘indestructible’ £5 note

The old paper £5 note was recently replaced with a polymer bill said to be indestructible. A university science professor decided to put this theory of unbreakability to the test. SEE ALSO: Elderly woman finds £5 note worth £50,000, donates the money to young people In the video above, Professor Sir Martyn Poliakoff uses all means of science to break the new fiver. First, he freezes it with liquid nitrogen and breaks it with a hammer. Success! He then tries to dissolve it in fuming nitric acid, which yields some unexpected results. The professor seemed happy to spend the cash in the name of science... plus that fast-burning fiver was pretty sweet. Read more... More about Experiment, Science, Money, Five Pound Note, and Bank Of England

That sick ‘Fate of the Furious’ tank is a real Army vehicle? Hell yeah...

It's not just a tank — it's a Ripsaw, bruh. The world's fastest tank. And it is real. The new favorite vehicle of Tej Parker (played by Ludacris) you'll see shredding ice this weekend in The Fate of the Furious isn't just some vehicle production designer's dream. It's a bona fide military asset, albeit one that's still in testing phase. But it's safe to say its screen-test went pretty well. SEE ALSO: New 'Dunkirk' footage is a heart-pounding Christopher Nolan master class In this behind-the-scenes video clip (above) that Mashable can exclusively debut, we see the Ripsaw in action. Hard, ruthless, punishing action, brought to you by Fate director F. Gary Gray & Co., who clearly weren't afraid to put it through its paces. Read more... More about Us Military, Tanks, The Fate Of The Furious, Movies, and Entertainment

GOP braces for new round of town hall backlash

In February, the anti-Donald Trump protesters at a California Rep. Tom McClintock city corridor assembly obtained so raucous that police escorted the Republican congressman out of the venue.

N. Korea ‘looking for trouble,’ Trump tweets

North Korea warned Monday it might reply to "reckless acts of aggression" by the USA, with "no matter strategies the US needs to take," as a US plane service strike group headed towards the Korean Peninsula.

Katy Perry and Ryan Phillippe deny dating

Please cease buzzing Ryan Phillippe's home with choppers, making an attempt to catch Katy Perry there.

Protester in viral photo embraces woman she defended from Islamophobic abuse

A viral photograph of a young woman smiling as she confronted the leader of the English Defence League (EDL) has become a symbol of resistance against the far-right. In the photo, Saffiyah Khan is seen standing up to EDL leader Ian Crossland during the far-right group's demo in Birmingham on Saturday. Moments before the photo was taken — by Press Association photographer Joe Giddens — Khan had stepped in when members of the EDL surrounded a young Muslim woman. SEE ALSO: British protesters think they've kept Trump out for a few more months Days after the photo was taken, Khan has met woman she defended, Saira Zafar, for the first time, and the two shared an embrace in a video by the Guardian. Read more... More about Resistance, Protest, Uk, Islamophobia, and Conversations

As a US strike group heads to the area, N. Korea says it will...

North Korea warned Monday it will reply to "reckless acts of aggression" by the USA, with "no matter strategies the US needs to take," as a US plane service strike group headed towards the Korean Peninsula.

People are trolling United Airlines with these brutal new slogans

If you've been anywhere near the internet in the past 24 hours, chances are you'll have stumbled across that disturbing viral video of the United Airlines passenger being forcibly dragged from his seat. SEE ALSO: Jimmy Kimmel rips into United Airlines with parody vid In the hours since, United Airlines has been at the centre of a media firestorm. Pretty much everyone on the internet seems to have temporarily put their differences aside in order to troll them. Twitter is no exception. Over the past few hours, people have been coming up with some new ideas for United Airlines slogans and sharing them with the hashtag #NewUnitedAirlinesMottos. Read more... More about Twitter, Mottos, Slogans, Hashtag, and United Airlines

Nobody Knows What Five Star Ratings Mean. That’s Bad For Gig Workers.

In a San Francisco Lyft car, there's a chart taped to the back of the front passenger seat: "The Rating System Explained." It details — in exaggerated terms — what Lyft's one- to five-star rating scale really means to drivers. Beginning at five stars — "got me where I needed to go" — the explanations quickly descend into parodic paranoia. Four stars: "This driver sucks, fire him slowly ... Too many of these and I may end up homeless." Three stars: "This driver sucks so bad I never want to see him again." Two stars: "maybe the car had something dangerously wrong with it or he was doing 120 in a 40 mile zone." Caroline O'Donovan / BuzzFeed News One star? “Threats or acts of violence possibly made, perhaps a callous disregard for his own safety.” Though tongue-in-cheek, this rating system explainer touches on an essential truth of the gig economy: When companies like Lyft, Uber, and Postmates penalize workers who have low ratings, anything less than five stars feels like..

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