Sunday, June 24, 2018

Opinion: Spicer’s apology isn’t enough

We should always all be grateful to White Home Press Secretary Sean Spicer. Trying to make Syrian President Bashar al-Assad historical past's largest villain, he said Tuesday that Hitler "did not even sink to utilizing chemical weapons," a comment that is been interpreted by many as denying the Nazis' genocide of Jews in extermination camps throughout World Struggle II -- camps which Spicer referred to, bizarrely, as "Holocaust facilities."

3 Copywriting Mistakes That Could Be Hurting Your Free Trial Engagement (And How to...

Find a box with a CD-ROM in it, buy it, then learn how to use it. That’s how I bought software as a kid. So when I first started working, I assumed that if I wanted to start using work-related software, I would have to pay for it the same way: upfront — site unseen! — just like the software of my youth. I worried that I would have to justify the cost with only the specs, reviews, and sales guy’s word to make my case. (And if I was wrong, it would be my butt on the line.) So I’m not exaggerating when I say that discovering I could try software for free actually improved my job performance and reduced new-on-the-job anxiety by ~62%. Using a tool BEFORE I had to recommend it to my colleagues and pull out the corporate credit card gave me a chance to see which tools actually did what we wanted them to do. All of a sudden, the risk that we’d pay for something that didn’t have a key feature or turned out to be a user-unfriendly nightmare shrank to almost zero. What’s the Point of a F..

Father decks truck out in rainbows to support of marriage equality for his son

For eleven years, retired plumber Geoff Thomas from the Sydney suburb of Abbotsbury has been battling for marriage equality in Australia. The country's politicians have stalled when it comes to progress on the matter, despite popular support, so Thomas has taken to his ute (a.k.a. pickup truck) to help push for support. SEE ALSO: Japan has officially recognised a same-sex couple as foster parents "I was talking to some people and said 'every man and his dog supports marriage equality.' [I] thought that would be a good slogan to put over my ute, so people can get the message as I drive around Sydney and elsewhere," Thomas explained via email. Read more... More about Lgbtq Rights, Lgbtq, Truck, Ute, and Marriage Equality

Opinion: Assad did it, and now Russians have a problem

It's now clear that the lethal nerve agent sarin, the identical agent which the Assad regime used to kill as much as 1,500 individuals in East Ghouta close to Damascus in August 2013, was used within the chemical assault on Idlib final week. Because the Union of Medical Care and Aid Organizations Chemical, Organic, Radiological and Nuclear (CBRN) adviser through the incident final week, I can affirm that samples smuggled out to Turkey have proved constructive for sarin, and I am assured that samples that discover their solution to US and UK authorities laboratories may even check constructive.

Christie: Trump’s staff needs to get its act together

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie grades President Trump on his presidency main as much as his 100-day mark.

While the United fiasco unfolded, a travel writer made $11,000 off overbooked flights

Two passengers were both hit with overbooked flights this weekend: One, as we all know too well now, was forcibly dragged off the plane, while the other was paid $11,000. The same day as the dragging incident occurred on a United Airlines flight, turning into a PR nightmare as soon as videos of the altercation went viral, Forbespublished a travel writer's account of how she made bank after her family of three was bumped from two Delta flights. SEE ALSO: The whole world is angry at United Airlines "It's interesting how two different airlines handled the same situation," Laura Begley Bloom said in a phone call. Read more... More about Overbooked Flight, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, and Business

Cillizza: Can Steve Bannon hang on?

This is an entire listing of what President Donald Trump has stated about White Home chief strategist Steve Bannon during the last 48 hours:

North Korea taunted the US for years. Is Trump taking the bait?

North Korea placed on a muscle-flexing show of artillery energy Tuesday to mark a nationwide vacation and thumb its nostril at US President Donald Trump's declaration that the nation has "gotta behave."

Inmates build computers, tap prison network and apply for credit cards

Lax safety allowed inmates at an Ohio jail to construct two computer systems and join them to the state's Division of Rehabilitation and Correction's community, investigators discovered.

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