Saturday, May 25, 2019

Cillizza: This poll number should scare Democrats

There's plenty of dangerous ballot numbers on the market for President Donald Trump nowadays. He has traditionally low job approval scores, and almost 6 in 10 voters consider he lacks the judgment or character to be an efficient president, in line with a brand new Washington Submit-ABC Information ballot.

Spicer on Hitler remarks: ‘I let the president down’

"I let the president down," White Home press secretary Sean Spicer stated Wednesday morning, expressing humility at some point after saying that even Adolf Hitler did not "sink to utilizing chemical weapons" throughout World Struggle II.

Trump Jr. says he won’t run for office

Donald Trump Jr. shouldn't be operating for workplace in 2018.

Elton John hospitalized, cancels shows

The Rocket Man is in want of some relaxation.

Feel like cheating? Brain stimulation might make you more honest

Human beings cheat. Sometimes a lot. Though we put systems and rules in place to prevent such deception, even peer pressure, laws, and moral codes often fail to stop us. SEE ALSO: Wikipedia stats reveal how our collective memory works Leave it to scientists, then, to develop a novel, surprising technique for curbing one of our worst impulses. A new study published Monday in the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows that non-invasive brain stimulation can actually make us more honest. That's right. Strap electrodes to a person's scalp while they're making a decision that could involve cheating, and in many cases, the stimulation of certain brain cells leads them down a more virtuous path. Read more... More about Biology, Neuroscience, Brain Research, Brain, and Research

5 trending topics to start your day off right

Chief Hopper's morning mantra on season one of Stranger Things — "mornings are for coffee and contemplation" — resonated with so many viewers that it became its own meme. If you're the type of person who agrees that the morning hours are for clearing cobwebs and preparing for what the day will bring, you've come to the right place. To help give your a.m. contemplation sesh a little boost, we're re-capping some of the most buzz-worthy (and occasionally bizarre) internet hits every month. Below, we re-cap a few of the most viral hits from April. Surprise, surprise: The internet loves pranks April Fools' Day elicits a spectrum of emotions and reactions from those who spend significant time on the internet: amusement, annoyance, exasperation and the occasional childlike giggle fit. Read more... More about April, Trending Topics, Viral Hits, Viral Content, and Sponsored

Acclaimed director Jonathan Demme dies

Filmmaker Jonathan Demme, whose Oscar-winning thriller "The Silence of the Lambs" terrified audiences and launched some of the indelible villains in film historical past, died Wednesday morning in New York. He was 73.

This college student spent his summer undercover in a Chinese iPhone factory

Dejian Zeng may have built your phone. Or at least worked on it, anyway. The second-year masters of public administration student at NYU Wagner spent six weeks last year working in a Chinese factory manufacturing iPhones for Cupertino-based Apple. Six days a week he screwed approximately 1,800 screws into 1,800 iPhones. Every day. Over and over again. SEE ALSO: Wait, we might only get two iPhones this year? Why did he do this? It wasn't for the wages, which at approximately 3,100 yuan a month (roughly $450) are not even enough to buy one of the iPhone 6s phones he helped produce. Instead Zeng teamed up with New York University and the NGO China Labor Watch to investigate working conditions in a Chinese manufacturing plant. Read more... More about Nyu, Foxconn, China, Iphones, and Apple

These gloriously impractical VR goggles are the next Google Glass

Virtual reality as we know it today didn't exist in the 19th century, but what if it did? What if, alongside the monocles, pocket watches, and snuffboxes of proper gentlemen of the time, there existed, somehow, a fancy pants VR headset. You may officially turn your imagination off, because we found those VR goggles, and they are gloriously impractical yet compelling in their own hipster-using-a-vacuum-tube-phonograph way. SEE ALSO: Did Da Vinci Invent Google Glass? The 2VR Virtual Reality Headset is a foldable pair of spectacles designed to work with most 4- to 6-inch smartphones to allow you to view VR content on the go. Read more... More about Design, Virtual Reality, Vr, and Tech

7 ways a government shutdown will affect your daily life

The clock's ticking. If Congress does not move a spending invoice by the top of this week, the federal authorities will run out of cash and shut down.

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