[Case Study] Dissecting the SPAMMIEST affiliate marketing email I've ever received


In this video, I show one of the spammiest affiliate marketing emails I’ve ever received (if not THE absolute worst).

What to expect: 0:00

Dissecting the email: 1:13

What they did right: 5:37

Recommended email length: 5:50

One of my biggest complaints: 7:20

Most important email factor: 8:52

The problem with their links: 9:49

Suggestion for better email performance: 11:43

Why you want people to read your email: 12:10

What is a “blind” click? 13:05

Recap of tips: 15:45

I completely forgot to mention something very important.

Be careful about how many links you put in your emails.

Some email marketing services may see tons of links as a spam trigger and throw your email into your subscriber’s junk folder.

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