Affiliate Marketing Website Research – Month 2 Of The Affiliate Marketing Case Study


Part 2 of the Affiliate Marketing Website build case study… Find out what we accomplished in month 2 and our results!

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Month 1 of the Affiliate Marketing Website build –

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  1. Love this Miles, you are crushing it! I am right there with you (just a month behind of you). We are working through TASS meow. Can't wait to see your next months progress.

  2. Thanks for doing this… building a company is a lonely road. Most of the information that is out there… is only AFTER someone has been successful, when all the hard lessons have been learn and the false starts forgotten. It is great to see solid information coming from someone on the front-end of the process. (and you sound great on 1.75 speed)

  3. Thanks Miles this is making me feel better!! As you know im in on this a month behind doing it all myself after purchasing a site from HPD. I have 2 complete Review blog posts ready to post as soon as website is done.

    I can link with so much you say in the video! That a month ago I would not have had a clue about!! Such a learning curve!

    I stuck well into the research and i know my 5 main competitors and to be honest when i seen their posts I shit myself!! But you know what once your break them down they are pretty much a load of crap!!
    I know what ive got to do, and the target is set.
    And to cap it all i was just finishing up the latest post when a friend called.
    "What you upto Nige?"
    "Just finishing up a blog post on ××××××"
    "What the fuck man your the last person I thought would do a blog on that as you hate doing it!!
    And I realised was right…but that was before as Miles puts it "I threw my hat over the fence!"
    Bring on month 2!!
    Thanks Miles


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