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Hey, today I want to talk about the top periscope profile to get traffic for affiliate marketing or a website!

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One thing that I’ve been thinking about lately is to getting a lot of followers on Periscope you have to provide something of value to the community.

The truth is someone has many choices on what they can watch or read, now what is valuable is debatable it could be just entertaining. My philosophy is that I put on content that I’m interested in and I don’t give a shit if anyone else likes it or even watches it, so I win no matter what I do.

What you really should do in Periscope is create a very good bio, just like in Instagram or Twitter. You need to have a picture of your face.

One tip that you could do, is with all your social media profiles like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram use the same bio picture and that almost brands yourself.

This when when someone sees your picture they know it’s you. Not a bad idea right?

With your name a great tip is to include your website address and just use the shortened version, mine is People can’t click on the link, but they will see it and that is a good thing.

Your Bio is searchable and using keywords is good, but you only have 116 characters will show. Ideally you want your website in your profile and you don’t need to put the http: in your profile.

You want to tell people exactly what to do in your profile, why they should do and dummy proof it as much as possible.

One idea that you can do is when people start following you, you can have the notifications alert you so you know which of your strategies are working and what are not working.

How you do this is go to the people icon and the profile icon you scroll down until you see the notifications settings button.

From here you will see notifications turned on for users following you. When you grow and have thousands of subscribers you might want to turn them off. When you start you might want to have them turned on.

The reason why is so you know what is working, you can follow that person back and lastly it helps motivate you.

With periscope the more broadcasts you do the more followers you can get. Apart from doing follows, you can follow other people and some of them will follow you back.

I do this with Twitter and it works. To find people to follow, just hit the magnifying icon

The trick just like with all marketing is to be as targeted as you can. You can search people by keywords and leaders in your niche.

When you follow leaders you can pick up tips and strategies to help you, you may learn Periscope strategies and you can even follow their followers.

I hope you got some value from this video or podcast on the top periscope online profile to getting traffic, if you did then please hit the thumbs up button.

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